Thursday, 23 April 2009

Breakaway - All You Need To Know About Capella

The latest resort to fling open its super posh, extra large double leaf doors recently is Capella Singapore, perched just beyond the bridge into Sentosa. Just past the roundabout on the right hand side, the turn in towards the hotel is so nondescript ascending the slope that I was surprised to find such an expanse of land beyond. Stretched across a lawn, you see at a distance two pristine colonial buildings that mark the main entrance of this new resort. Ooh. Very grand!

Moi was invited to the media opening of the hotel, and to cut a long story short, here are a few essential things I sussed out from the outing.

1.Bob’s Bar is not a smoky sports bar with yodeling yobs and fake-accented SPGs. It is the resort’s beautiful haven for libation, on a sweeping verandah overlooking the pools, villas and heritage trees below – and beyond that, a vista of the ship-laden seas. A good, new place to go for drinks if ambience and romance is high on the agenda.

2.Don’t know about the food, but Cassia, the Chinese restaurant is pretty stunning in a dramatic contemporary way – a bit of Greta Garbo glamour merged with a bit of Shanghai jazz-era hedonism. Come in slinky cheongsam and seduce.

3.If you like a good riddle, look out for the strange landscaping. Looks like overgrown lalang peppered with such prehistoric-looking fern trees, you think a dinosaur would appear any moment. Bali rice terraces? In the middle of Sentosa with all its rich colonial history? Baffling.

4.The rooms there are made for a romp. They are larger than most - starting from a generous 893 sq ft for the Sentosa Suites to a whopping 1991 sq ft for the Garden villas – and so very pretty! Most will give you a view of the sea without you even having to roll out of bed! Watch out for the towering doors leading to the loo. Reminds me of the vermillion gates of the Forbidden City.

5.In-room romp not good enough? The four Constellation Suites each have its own private rooftop Jacuzzi! Hmmm – like I need to ask…..what to do with that?!
6.Three pools in the middle of the property, with one that is adults-only.

7.Peacocks roam the grounds – pretty birdie, but don’t go too near. They can be quite a handful I am told.
8.If you’re teetering on stilettos, be warned: the grounds beyond Bob’s Bar involve dark stairs and rather steep little slopes. You’re not going to tumble down, but three-inch get-ups are going to be a mincing challenge. I know – I tried!
9.If you’re staying for a weekend, check out the private lounge and library for guests. I took a peek and the little spread of snackeroos laid out looks pretty yummy. Cookies on a stick, chocolates, more cookies, and I think I discerned the outline of some brownies….and coffee too. I like!

10.They’re offering some introductory packages this year:
The Capella Experience package where you stay for two nights and get a complimentary third night, valid through 31 May.
The Auriga Experience with in-villa Champagne breakfast for two, followed by any signature Auriga (that’s their spa) treatment of their choice, or the Capella Escape package, a weekend getaway with a complimentary treatment at the Auriga spa thrown in (both valid through 31 Dec). Quick quick –“staycation” destination.

1 The Knolls
Sentosa Island
Tel: 65 6377 8888


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