Sunday, 28 February 2010

Binge - 3 Michelin Star Pierre Gagnaire Opens in Tokyo

Upmarket eaters will be having a field day when celebrity chefs pour into Singapore to open their IR restaurants. You’ve heard the stellar line up already – Tetsuya Wakuda, Joel Robuchon, Daniel Boulud, Scott Webster, Guy Savoy and other culinary greats are coming to town within the next few month. Brace yourself for extreme eating.

But round the region, other celeb chefs are also setting up shop. We just heard that three-Michelin starred Pierre Gagnaire will be opening on 19 March up on the 36th floor of ANA InterContinental Tokyo, in the Akasaka.

Expect Gagnaire’s hallmark cuisine of ‘unexpected juxtapositions of flavours and textures’ and his penchant for serving multiple dishes within each course. We understand that Gagnaire will be spending a ‘considerable amount of time’ at this hotel, so if you’re lucky, you might spot the man himself. The 59-year-old chef is credited with creating modern French fusion cuisine in conjunction with Herve This.

Gagnaire currently runs seven restaurants in Las Vegas, Dubai, Paris, Seoul, Hong Kong, Courchevel and London. His Paris restaurant was ranked third in the world’s 50 greatest restaurants by Restaurant Magazine UK in 2008.
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Breakaway - The Datai – The Rainforest At Its Most Luxe

Madam loves The Datai! Even though its been over 10 years since I was last there, it’s the only luxe resort I have visited that literally sits in the midst of the rainforest, with all the luxe trappings that I need for basic survival too. How else can Auntie commune with nature? (Digging holes in the ground for basic functions is just not my thing!) It was the first - and only - place I saw a hornbill in the wild!

Anyway, was very glad to see that that the hotel’s Gulai House, an upmarket kampong style restaurant, recently won ‘Best Innovative Restaurant’ in the Malay category at the 16th Malaysia Tourism Awards. Look at the pics, and you can imagine how gorgeous it is to dine there at night. Nestled in the rainforest, it is a short stroll from the resort and serves traditional Malaysian curries and Indian specialties in an alfresco setting. Maybe you might see monkeys and other birds while you’re dining too.

It’s a beautiful property, and I’d go there again at the drop of a hat. Located on the north western tip of Langkawi, its surrounded by virgin rainforest with a private footpath leading to a white sand beach, swimming pool and spa, and nearby golf course, plus a host of other dining options. Its 40 villas, 16 suites and 54 rooms are all set within the rainforest with their own private veranda, with views of the forest, its creatures and the Andaman Sea!

Since the March hols are round the corner, take advantage of their current promo of a Deluxe room at RM925 nett per room per night. Available from now til 19 Dec 2010. BTW it’s a GHM hotel which also owns The Chedi hotels and The Nam Hai. So luxe you can’t go wrong.

The Datai, Langkawi
Tel: (60 4) 959 2500
Fax: (60 4) 959 2600
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Thursday, 25 February 2010

By The Way - Birds Nest, Collagen and Battling Lines

Since we’re recently on the subject of bird’s nest, I think I’ve reached an age where skin care is queen and anything that will help battle the onset of lines and jowls and overall sag would get my attention. I was talking with a friend the other day who said she made a jelly out of fish scales cooked with water. We don’t know how it sets – no gelatine involved – but our guess is that there must be some natural collagen thingy in the mix, and you’re supposed to eat it to maintain the skin’s suppleness. Maybe it’s just old wives tales but she swears the fish wife who told her about this has great skin.

Unlike her scaling efforts and Elaine’s heroicism in preparing birds nest from scratch, I’ve been wimping out and opening a bottle or two of the new Brand’s Royal Superior Bird’s Nest (see campy picture with superb 'auntie' appeal above). It comes in those little glass bottles either with rock sugar or without. It’s nice and smooth and soft, and easy for even the elderly to eat – I know ‘cos we’ve been giving it to my dad, too and he doesn't swallow too well these days. For him, it’s supposed to nourish the lungs, good for boosting the respiratory tracts and clears the chest; and for me and my mum, it’s fighting lines with tooth and claw. (See the girl's taut skin in the equally 'auntie' picture below? So taught you can bounce a coin off it. Auntie here also wants!)

The bird’s nests Brand's uses come from cave bird’s nest from Sumatra (as opposed to house bird’s nest harvested from “internal roof structures of abandoned houses and specially constructed buildings”). According to the information I have been given, Brands’ declares it works only with ‘accredited suppliers’ who practise sustainable harvesting. The company also uses ‘fingerprinting technology’ to identify the real deal, and processes it at its own factory in Thailand, which gives you some assurance of their quality (or you can take them to task at their hotline 1800 732 4748). I didn't realise they were the 'first and largest' bottler of bird's nests since 1982, which I suppose means they know a thing or two about this matter.  

I’m don’t know how well it works, but according to history, loads of famous empresses and concubines ate bird's nest for health and beauty, and it was named one of the ‘four great tonic foods’ in the late Ming and early Ching. So I figure if they have sworn by this for over hundreds of years, the TCM guys  probably know a thing or two that I don't. Apart from facials and creams, it may be time to bring out the big guns, fight the lines from within and raise the red lantern!

And while we're on the subject of campy photos, I couldn't resist posting this one final one (below). Don't you just lurve the glamour of it all?!

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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Breakaway – March Hols Escapes

I may not potter over to Club Med – simply cos I’d rather chill out than have someone ask me to do some aqua yoga thingy or fly on a trapeze – but for those who like this kinda fun, the hip-hip-hooray holiday club has rolled out a sweet deal for the NATAS fair. According to the press release that landed on our laps, every second adult travels free when you book a Club Med Premium All‐Inclusive package from Mon 22 Feb – Fri 12 Mar 2010. This package applies for Club Med properties in Bali, Cherating and Phuket when you travel 3 May to 31 July. Prices for this deal range from $276 per adult at Cherating to $312 per adult at Bali Nusa Dua. If you don’t mind rowing your boat to Bintan, the Club Med there offers a different deal – kids stay for free with each paying adult. A minimum stay of 4 nights, and max of 7 applies to all these deals.

Call 1800 CLUB MED (258 2633) or visit

But how about a ‘staycation’ – like the masses love to do in times of stock market corrections? Goodwood Park Hotel is offering a 110th Anniversary Weekend Rest & Relax Package at S$110.00 per person per night. You’ll need at least two people to check in and only from Fridays to Sundays. You get a Deluxe Room, buffet breakfast at $11 per person per day (okay, so you got to pay, but you have to admit it’s cheap) and if you want a bit more luxe, an upgrade to a Poolside Suite at surcharge of $110 per room per night. So what can you do there? Relax by the pool, potter over to ION Orchard to shop without having to fight through the carpark crowds, and explore the teenybopper hangout at Far East Shopping Centre for a while before hurrying back to more elegant, grown up and tasteful pursuits like a martini at the Martini Bar at Grand Hyatt next door! Chin chin! (This deal is available until 31 Dec 2010.)

Call (65) 6730 1811 / 1844 or email:
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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Binge - My First Time Brewing Bird's Nest

When it comes to food, I am probably the most untraditional of Chinese women. Probably the most uninformed as well. I am not into double-boiled soups (what they term as 'po-tong'), nor have I ever drunk or brewed a nourishing health tonic and I am totally disgusted by the thought of eating innards, chicken feet or neck, fish head and pig's and chicken liver of any kind (with the exception of foie gras) and I have most certainly never ever eaten Bird's Nest which is interestingly also known to the Western world as the "Caviar of the East". This was up until last week when my husband decided to be charitable and support a friend who was out of a job by buying some bird's nest from him. 

At first I was skeptical. What grade of Bird's Nest has a four figure price tag and why was it so expensive? And now that he has bought it - what was I going to do with the stuff? Apparently Bird's Nest (and I am sure you already know this at the tender age of 40) comes from Bird Saliva. "Disgusting" was my first reaction. "Who wants to ingest what a bird spits to glue its nest together?" I decided to do trawl the net for more info on why this delicacy has earned it's stripes. 

I discover that only some nests are edible and these are from the White-nest Swift or the Black-nest Swift. The Swift builds its nest during the breeding season and it is the male swift that laboriously takes 35 days to produce interwoven strands of salivary laminae that cement the nest together. It is nice to see the male doing some of the work!  The nests take the shape of a shallow cup and these stick to the cave walls where Swifts build their nests. 

To tell if you have bought a real or fake bird's nest, hold it up against a light source. If it is real thing, you will notice that light penetrates through the nest. The fake bird's nest will reflect light and look opaque. Also some fake bird's nests are made of "Malaysia rubber" or "pig skin". The former smells and tastes acidic and does not contain nest threads while the latter releases oil after soaking in water. 

What is secreted  in the Swift's saliva is rich in nutrients like calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium that have supposed health benefits including improving your voice, alleviating asthma, building immunity and even improving libido. They say that if you want to improve the quality and texture of your skin, drinking bird's nest regularly before bed is a must. That alone peaked my interest so I bugged my Mum to ask her friend who swears by the stuff for her recipe which I am sharing below.  

1. Take the required amount of Bird's Nest - usually 1 nest for two bowls of soup and soak it in tap water in a bowl until it expands fully. This could take about an hour depending on the grade that you have bought. 

2. Drain the birds nest and then put it in a small pot or a big porcelain bowl. Pour in hot water according to the number of bowls of soup you want to consume. If you are using one nest then about 2 to 3 bowls of soup is a good gauge.

3. Put this pot into a larger pot of water and let that boil over a very small fire for about half an hour. 

4. Add rock sugar or honey rock sugar to taste just before it is ready. Optional is to add a pandan leave just before taking it off the boil. 

5. Serve warm and drink before going to bed. 

My verdict - I actually like the light and slightly sweet flavour of the soup and the gelatinous nature of the bird's nest. I found it quite soothing to have a warm cup of Bird's Nest before I go to bed especially now in Hong Kong where the temperature is about 16 degrees and a little lower at night. 

However be warned - drinking bird's nest however expensive just before bed may not be the best idea. I got up 3 times that night to pee. So much for the skin retaining the essential goodness.  

I have no idea how regularly you are supposed to drink Bird's Nest to see results so if you are a connoisseur, could you please share your thoughts here!

- Elaine 
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Restaurant Week – Swanky Meals at Bargain Deals! Book TODAY at 4pm.

Have you heard of Restaurant Week? No worries if you haven’t ‘cos this will be the first time it’s happening in Singapore. Think of it as a one-week only sale of meals in swanky restaurants that would be – like all sales – easier on the pocket.

Over 50 restaurants are participating, and over the course of one week – 22 to 28 March 2010 – they will be offering limited seats for special three course menus at a flat rate: $25 for lunch and $35 for din dins.

The catch is, you HAVE to make advance reservations and ONLY through the online portal Online bookings start today (latest check, it starts at 4pm today) so once you read this, get online and book away.

(The Garden Organic Chicken Rice)

The intention of this whole exercise is, you get to experience high end restaurants at lower prices than usual. On the list of over 57 restaurants are Esmirada, Absinthe, 53, Kha, Mimolette, Otto, Prime Society, Brasserie Wolf, Krish, The French Kitchen, Song of India, Bodega y Tapas, Senso, etc….All we say is, choose carefully to make your efforts worth the while. Organised by, an online restaurant guide based in the Netherlands, Restaurant Week is a success in countries like Netherlands, Austria and Belgium (wow…someone say ‘yay’….)…

Oops, and what's a good deal without the reality of FINE PRINT? With long sightedness settling in, we magnify it here for our mutual benefit:  
“DiningCity Star Awarded restaurants may charge a fixed supplement of S$15 for lunch and S$20 for dinner.”

(Krish - no supplement here)

On further checking, this means Restaurant Week deals will likely blossom to $40 for a three course lunch, and $55 for dinner at the swanky, upper end restaurants like 53, Garibaldi, Julien Bompard, Novus, White Rabbit, Braise, The Cliff, The French Kitchen, Song of India, Tatsuya and Senso, One on the Bund, and Absinthe. (Just as a point of comparison, Garibaldi and Braise currently offers a 3-course set lunch at $38++ according to their websites; and Novus serves a three course set at $35++).

Don’t get us wrong darlings,…All we’re saying is, choose well and wisely. Cross our fingers that the menus are as ‘special’ as they say it would be.

Don’t forget, 4pm today sweeties!
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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Binge – Good Wife Sausage, So Not Fab!

How insulting is it to have a sausage dish called The Good Wife Sausage? If that’s a metaphor to go by, it seems that all good wives are perceived to be oversized, heavy, stuffed to the seams and basically hefty in looks and character….A size 20?

Frites, a restaurant in Hong Kong’s Queens Road Central, obviously thinks it’s a great name for its half-metre long sausage, declaring it has ‘gone through many names’ to come up with this 'brilliant' brainwave. A “simple, unembellished” dish served conventionally with a dollop of mash, brown onion sauce, it is accompanied with Kwak, an amber beer with an earthy aroma….like all ‘good wives’ perhaps? Now, I don’t know who they are married to, but whoever’s married to a ‘good wife’ who reminds them of a greasy, overstuffed, unembellished sausage doesn’t sound like they’re having much fun. No wonder they’ve got to turn to bangers, mash and beer at HKG$185 for a little bit of whoopee, poor sods.
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Sunday, 14 February 2010

SPECIAL EDITION - In Praise Of The Younger Man!

Happy Valentines' Day Everyone! 
Tigress, Panther, Leopard and Cougar ... there is no denying that youth has its distinct blessings 
SIMPLYFAB presents a reader's delightful essay: 

It's among one of those questions that pop up when your friends know you're seeing someone special - How did you meet? What does he do? Where is he from? and then ... How old is he? Now, I am not shy about my age so I am ready with the answer. Besides, with Chinese New Year upon us, it's easy to figure out the age difference when you mention the Chinese zodiacs we were born under. And invariably, when I say my guy is much younger than I am, eyes widen and the women go, wow! Nice! Great! The men are less enthusiastic, responding with Hmm..., Oh really?, How long have you been together?, and Ah, I see... Both genders are as likely to say, It's OK, age doesn't matter as long as he loves you.

I can't tell you why the genders respond differently. However, I can say I didn't start out wanting a younger man (or for that matter, an older one). One just sees what life throws at you, right? Well, Life threw me a younger man. I don't go about comparing younger men with older men, but I get asked a lot how does it feel to be dating a younger man. And truth is, I have discovered there are differences! If I had to sum it up in one sentence, I would easily say, Younger men have fewer insecurities. And boy, is that refreshing and a revelation!

* He doesn't cramp my style. 

Most of my dating life, I have dated men my age. And I realize now that people of the same (of either gender) are more likely to have the same cultural exposures, and that includes pop culture. Which is to say we have an opinion on just about everything we share, be that in music, celebrities, food, fashion, style or books. Friends of different ages have fewer similarities, which makes for very interesting encounters. Besides dating a younger man, I also tend to have older friends, ranging from 10-30 years older. And we have stimulating conversations as we're more accommodating, where each side is listening to the other party more -- there are fewer shared experiences so there are fewer interruptions, more questions, more enlightened moments. 

This is also true of my relationship. Compared to my previous (and obviously failed) relationships, we are listening to each other more. It also helps that we are from different backgrounds, Chinese and European, and often learning about each other's upbringing and cultural backdrops. So back to the point about fewer insecurities -- when I have a different opinion, he doesn't feel snubbed or peeved in the way I noticed boyfriends who were my age did. He finds my penchant for bags quite amusing rather than annoying. He doesn't ask how much or how little they cost or why I spend on so many bags. As far as he is concerned, it makes me happy and that's all that matters. Men our age seem to have an opinion on the bag, the brand, the look, the style, the trend, what it says about me and how it reflects on him.... I mean, enough already! I'm the one paying for and carrying the bag, right?  It's a bag, not your baggage! It's not pop psychology. Chill a little, you know. 

* He's not insecure about my financial independence.

My guy has no problem with me earning more, bearing more financial responsibilities at home. After all, I have had a longer successful career. I can't tell you how liberating that is! Boyfriend 1 was briefly unemployed and I supported both of us and his self-esteem plunged. He left me. Boyfriend 2 decided I was more successful in my career and he wasn't my equal and wanted to go overseas to prove himself and be someone successful. No matter that I told him I was dating him and not his career. Boyfriend 3 decided I was more successful in my career and should bear more responsibility and live off me. Needless to say, that didn't end well.

My guy decided I earn more, save more, manage it better and he will let me run the house and our finances. Light bulb moment. The man has no issues. It is said that most relationships fail when there's conflict over finances, so I know I got the Out-of-Jail card on this one. (This is a Monopoly reference, for those not in the know.) This is not to say we don't discuss finances together, of course, simply that we don't get into arguments about money. I get the final say, which is refreshing as a woman, knowing that women all over, in many generations, have had to relegate that responsibility to the other gender even if they were smart, for no reason other than gender. Financial security doesn't just mean earning enough and planning ahead. It also means we have control over how we want to spend our own money, without someone else watching over us or feeling guilty about how we spend our money. His lack of insecurity over my financial independence is a winner.

* He's not insecure about our career paths.

I am the kind of woman who gives everything when I decide, whether it is a job, a hobby or a man. So it is that I have offered to move countries, quit my job and follow my  man. With three ex-boyfriends, this was a problem somehow. It was a degree of commitment which scared them, as if they were now responsible to make things work, as if they couldn't break up with me after such a noble sacrifice should the relationship fail. It somehow fell on deaf ears that one, as a writer I could work anywhere; two, it was my decision to follow my passion and not their responsibility to make sure I succeeded; three, a life without risks is a life without rewards. So the relationships stalled with all the reservations and nay-saying. We couldn't take it to the next level.  

My guy doesn't have such issues. He knows I am closer to the end of my career than he is in his. He knows I am planning for a second career, as those closer to retirement are wont to do. He knows there are risks but that I have a financial buffer after such a long career. So he encourages my dreams, and is willing to change his career so we can be together. We're still planning but I can say it's liberating when your partner has total confidence in you, and supports your dreams. 

* He's not insecure about past boyfriends.

If anything, he is grateful I had them, good and bad, as it brought me where I am and ready for a relationship with him. He figures as I am older, I must have had more boyfriends than he has had girlfriends and it doesn't bother him. He has no insecurities about them as he figured if it had worked, we would still be together.

When I was with Boyfriend 4, he would have a fit if a male friend called or stayed over, as he was not a believer in platonic friendships. My work trips would wreck him with anxiety. In the end, I couldn't cope with his emotional insecurities. When Boyfriend 4 asked for my help, my guy had no issues with him and said the decision was mine. When Boyfriend 4 wanted to meet me, he had no problems with it and was more concerned about how I would feel as I was dumped. What a sweetheart! I couldn't wait to come home and hug him, tell him how happy I was to be with him. He asked about the meeting, and I had so little to say, simply because it didn't matter -- one was the past, and he was my future. 

Emotional maturity is a winner, at any age. 

* He is not into machismo.

My guy is so secure about himself he doesn't need to prove he is the man, or my man. He loves to cook, as do I, and has no problem taking charge of the kitchen. When I was sick earlier this year, he came home at lunch to cook for me. That night, he came home early and cooked me Spanish tapas so I wouldn't need to cook or even heat up leftovers and could eat the portions straight from the refrigerator the next day. We bring food to potluck parties and at the end of the evening, he is as likely to be the one sharing the recipes with the women around the table as likely as he would be on the balcony sharing a beer with the men. He is totally secure in his own skin, what's there not to love and lust about him?

* He is sensitive to the needs of my age.

There is only one aspect where he is sensitive about my age and that pertains to motherhood, in the most positive way. He asked one month into the relationship, if I was ready to be a mother and didn't want to wait, he was ready too. He understood the problems of fertility for a woman in her 40s and asked to meet my gynae. He is the only one I have dated who is open to adoption (many men are adverse to adopting) if we cannot conceive. Although media and trendy magazines talk of the older woman as a cougar having a boy toy, the truth is we only have loving sex rather than sexual gymnastics to see how many positions we can achieve and how long he can last. Forget the cliches, ladies! Nothing beats just simple loving sex. We're so happy to have found each other, we have nothing to prove. 

And lets not forget the statistics. Men die younger. We joke that we'd probably  die not too many years apart. And if we have kids, he will have the energy to chase after the little ones more than if he was my age. 

We're so comfortable with each other, we already forget there's an age gap between us. Sometimes, I even forget how much older I am. Age is just a number. I am blessed that I have always been proud of my age, at 17 or 40, and embraced life and ignored all the cliches. That attitude alone has kept me young! I can't say if I found the right man because he is younger, but I can certainly say dating a younger man has made me realize men my age and older have a lot more insecurities. I am blessed that at my age, I don't have to deal with an insecure man.  
So ladies, if you have any reservations, hesitate no more! Forget the cliches, shrug off the stigma. Time and tide wait for no man, and certainly no woman, either. Go live a little, and love a lot. Happy Valentines Day, for those who celebrate it. As for us, we will be making chocolate cupcakes at home. 

S. Pearl is 43 and a full-time writer, amateur photographer, travel-bug and foodie -- usually combining all four loves. She writes under a pen name.  Her dream is to be a full-time travel writer to meet more people and understand their history and culture, and to share hers.
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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Boudoir – The Sexpert Says…..

Done the feathers and the whipped cream? Then maybe its time to turn things up another notch, and who better to ask than a certified sexologist. With tomorrow being Valentine’s Day, we linked up with Dr Martha Lee of Eros Coaching and picked her brains on Advanced Sex Tips!

SimplyFab: We may not be as lithe and lissome as our 20something selves, but what is it about us grown up girls that turned us from coquettish kittens in the past to cougars prowling the bedroom?
Martha: By the time we are in our 30s and 40s, we would have lived life – loved, cried, travelled and have achieved some degree of personal success under our belt. We would have learnt to make peace with any body image issues we might have, as well as with our sense of self, place in the world and sexuality.

SF: At our scintillating stage in life, we’re way past bedroom basics. How about some tips for Advanced Action?
Martha: For Sex Tips 201, Google, read a magazine, devour a sexual technique book or ask a friend. However, what I would recommend is my workshop ‘Different Strokes’ which teaches 23 different penile massage techniques for a minimum of two ladies at S$75 per person and lasts about 2 hours. I incorporate the use of video, demonstration on a sex toy and explanation. I have done sessions for 10 ladies, with another 10 on waiting list. I have the equivalent for men to pleasure a woman's vulva called 'Petting the Kitty'. It is also S$75 per person, minimum of two persons and two hours. It is far more effective to learn this way rather than from any written material. (For more info, visit

SF: People say making out in public is exciting for the risk of getting caught. Where would you suggest are the top 3 public places for a little action with the hubs?
Martha: It will have to be a very ‘private’ public place if you do not actually want to get caught! It is not just a matter of finding a discreet location, but the day and time plays a factor as well. No, I am not going to name them, otherwise they wouldn’t be ‘private’ public places anymore, would it? You are only limited by your imagination.

SF: It’s a known fact that women are master multi-taskers even while being goddesses in the bedroom. What’s the best move we can do with our man while we’re mentally checking off our ‘to-do’ list or planning the dinner menu?
Martha: My advice is, don’t! It is easy to take each other for granted and go through the motions during lovemaking. You can choose instead to make a conscious effort to stay in the moment, focus on the sensations, truly explore each other and replenish the intimacy. But if you absolutely must, mentally multitask when you are doing a repetitive motion such as a certain blow or hand job where he is the recipient.

SF: Does indulging in some aural action hasten the natural sagging of the chin? If yes, what can we do about it?
Martha: On the contrary, performing fellatio on the fella has been proven to exercise your facial muscles, stimulate your jaw and help you attain a slimmer chin. Then there is the benefit of having one very happy man as well!

SF: Apart from the bed, please offer 2-3 other unique places in the home, or pieces of furniture, which we (and our man) can get creative with. (besides the usual suspects like the shower and kitchen table)
Martha: The washing machine, his armchair, his study chair.

SF: How do you suggest we get in the mood if a beer belly gets in between hubs and us?
Martha: Rub his beer belly and learn to make peace with his changing body image. Just as he is aging, so are you. You can look at one positive in this: the bigger his belly, the slower he will run... from you! Put on new lenses and appreciate him for all that he is – belly, warts and all.

SF: Give us a few more original lines other than “Honey I’ve got a headache”.
Martha: “Let’s sleep so I can start visualising the perfect sex we will have tomorrow.”
“Let’s wait till I get the surprise I have planned for you.”
“Let’s do it in the morning. I’d wake you up with a mind blowing blow job.”

SF: Finally, do you have any comments or words of wisdom that you’d like to share with us regarding sexillating lovemaking?
Martha: Three things – communicate, experiment and learn.
• Communicate: You don’t know if you don’t ask. So ask: ‘How is this for you?’ ‘How would you rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest)?’ ‘Would you like me to continue?’
• Experiment: Practice really makes sex better.
• Learn: I would also encourage you to keep an open mind, look to acquiring more sexual skills such as signing up for sexual techniques classes.

SF: Finally, does (his) size really matter? And if it does, what can a Simplyfab girl do about it apart from lying back and thinking of England?
Martha: It is difficult to find accurate global data on average penis size because measuring penises is a lot more complicated than you might think. According to some reviews, the average erect penis length is between 5.1 and 5.7 inches. Singaporean men average 3.5 to 5.9 inches. Most men will be somewhere in the middle. Penis size has little to no relation to sexual pleasure or performance. Performance is dependent on muscles, blood and nerve supply to the reproductive organs and state of mind.

This question assumes that sex is only about penetrative sex, and his pleasure. Granted that there is more to a relationship than sex, my concern is why a woman would choose to stay in a relationship where she feels she has to lie back and think of England, effectively casting herself as a receptacle. Sex is about mutual pleasure and enjoyment, and there is a zillion things could be doing.

Dr. Martha Lee is Founder and Clinical Sexologist of Eros Coaching. She is a certified sexologist with a Doctorate in Human Sexuality. She provides sex and intimacy coaching for individuals and couples, conducts sex educational workshops and speaks at public events. For more, visit or email

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By The Way - DOUBLE HAPPINESS TO YOU - Happy Lunar New Year and Valentines' Day

Nian, Nian Yu Yi! 

Wishing all our readers, a year of golden opportunities 
that are nothing short of Simply Fabulicious! 

Mindful that it is also Valentine's Day tomorrow, 
look out for two lovely posts that we will be bringing your way soon:

Life need not be downhill after 40! Been there, done that .. so you think! 
Hear our expert's view of making it better than ever! 

Tigress, Panther, Leopard and Cougar ... youth has its blessings 
and one of our readers shares hers with us! 

Have a Happy Valentines' Day Everyone! 


The Simply Fab Team
Elaine and Ee Waun 

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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Buys - Harry Winston Lust-Fors

Who do you think helps Robert Downey Jr keep time these days? Elementary my dear Watson, it would be Harry Winston of course. Pictured at the 2010 Golden Globes Awards, Robert Downey Jr who walked away as WINNER FOR BEST ACTOR IN MOTION PICTURE, COMEDY OR MUSICAL for SHERLOCK HOLMES sports the Harry Winston Avenue Squared for men

Also newly launched for men at The Hour Glass is Harry Winston's Project Z (below). This watch was developed as a limited edition series in 2004. This series revolutionized Harry Winston's Timepieces by introducing an exclusive new material - Zalium, to the horological world. Zalium exclusively to Harry Winston is a zirconium-based alloy used in aeronautical engineering. 
Also spotted in Harry Winston bling at The Golden Globes was this Black Eyed Pea (below). Fergie wears the Feather Ring, Bracelet and Diamond Chandelier Earrings. 
Can't say I like this yellow dress but I sure like the bling on Jennifer Meyer's Ruby Earrings and Diamond Link Bracelet (below). 
- Elaine
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By The Way - Events This February

If the visiting isn't eating up every spare moment then you may want a short reprieve with the kids and head to the Science Centre where there are some activities to usher in the Tiger and keep the young ones busy for a couple of hours at least! 

Ang Pow Giveaways 
Finished all your visiting and left with the kids at home? Head to the Science Centre which is open throughout the period and get a special Science Centre ‘Ang Pao’* with every admission ticket purchased. These lucky red packets are filled with fun and interesting mind teasers, puzzles and riddles that will have your mind in knots. Prizes include free tickets to Science Centre and BODY WORLDS as well as Snow City discount vouchers. 10,000 ‘Ang Paos’ to be given away, first come, first served!

A Bountiful Chinese New Year
at The Science Centre
From 13 to 16 February 2010 from 10am – 6pm

The Tsunami that Shook the World
Also at the Science Centre in February right up to 10 July, come see the reconstruction efforts made to date on one of the saddest days in human history, the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. The Science Centre is hosting a specially crafted exhibition that unravels the science behind earthquakes and tsunamis – two of the worst natural disasters known to man. Developed in partnership with the Earth Observatory Singapore, it pays tribute to those who lost their lives or were affected by the devastation brought upon by the tsunami.

The Tsunami that Shook the World

Now to 10 July 2010, 10am – 6pm

Mathematics + Science + Books = Learning + Fun!’
Want to meet the author of a maths book? Bring your kids to meet David “The Mathman” Schwartz all the way from America for a series of educational sessions for children called Mathematics + Science + Books = Learning + Fun!. Schwartz is an accomplished storyteller and innovator, presenting mathematical information in engaging ways, using humour and a wealth of visuals to inspire his audience. An author of over 50 books, his wrote his first book, How Much is a Million?, in 1985. Considered a classic children’s book on big numbers, it has been credited with helping to launch the movement of using children’s literature in mathematics teaching. Schwartz will be in Singapore for a short period of time to thrill and educate both children and adults alike on the fun aspects of mathematics and science.

“Mathematics + Science + Books = Learning + Fun!”

28 Feb – 4 Mar 2010, Time TBA (Please refer to website for update)

- Elaine
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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Buys - Slip These On!

In my day, flip flops or Japanese slippers as they were popularly known as then were the pariah shoe and what hostelites notoriously wore roaming around campus. Today, flip flops have a new identity and a name. “Havaianas” to be exact and Havaianas (in my humble opinion) will be what Kellogs is to cornflakes and Cutex is to nail polish remover.
Forget blue and white, Havaianas are sexy Brazilian and bold bling all rolled into one. Think sexy shoes that take you not only to the beach matched with your denim cut offs and the mall with your skinny jeans but actually comfortably and stylishly to dinner paired with your maxi dress. 

Why not, especially if they have studded silver and gold mesh hand-sewn into the straps. Havaianas Metal Mesh Silver is available in White, Black and Grey, while Havaianas Metal Mesh Gold is available in Chocolate, Sand Grey, White and Black. However far from the S$8.90 price tag for the Japanese prototype, mesh and metal come at a price. Be prepared to fork out S$89.90 for a pair. Available at All Havaianas store at ION Orchard, #B2-42 and authorised retailers in Hong Kong and Asia. 

Then again if you are worried that you will strain the arches in your feet, try the latest get-fit-quick casual shoe – the Fitflop shoe that claims to tone your muscles, legs, bottom, tighten your tummy and reduce stress on joints and improve your overall posture. These were built on the MBT technology (Masai Barefoot Technology) based on a therapeutic shoe system developed for athletes and inspired by the Masai people.

Truth or dare? I hear from a girlfriend who wore them for a month that they take some getting used to as they have a curved sole and weigh a ton. Not a good idea if you are breaking them in whilst on a massive shopping spree. But pain has its pleasure and the good news is that you do get used to them. I have not got a pair yet but I admit, I am tempted.
Fit-flops are the result of a two-year collaboration between Marcia Kilgore, the woman behind the Bliss spa brand, and Dr David Cook, an expert in bio-mechanics at London's South Bank University. Kilgore wanted to invent something 'that would help fight the onset of cellulite while I was walking to the office'. With the help of Dr Cook, she devised a flip-flop that contains 'patent-pending micro-wobbleboard technology' that destabilises your usual gait, forcing your muscles to work harder. For both guys and gals, more info at

Trying is believing! Have a pair? Share the lurve and leave us a comment!
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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Gift Ideas This Valentine's Day

There is nothing wrong with being a hopeless romantic or a hopeful one for that matter. We trawled through the many gift ideas that we have received to bring you a few fun ideas that we hope will deliver you happily into Cupid’s cherubic arms:

Smelly Gifts
Set the mood at home with a smell-good gift. Our favourite scent store Flaming Queen Home has moved to the Mandarin Gallery (#02-32). Pick up Candle Queen Dayna Decker’s new Bath and Body range, all natural, eco-friendly or AQA’s scented candles, diffusers, home fragrance sprays and refills. Pronounced “Ah-Kwa” (don’t laugh), this new Italian brand offers home fragrances comparable in quality to personal perfumes. The fragrances are produced in Grasse, the perfume capital of France, but formulated and packaged with the feel for 'La Dolce Vita' as only the Italians know how. There is also the LAFCO House and Home candle collection which has been designed to complement the ambience and d├ęcor of each room in your home. The candles are made of clean-burning soy-based wax with a 100% natural cotton wick. Each candle is housed in a hand-blown art glass vessel, with over 90 hours of burn time.

Geek Gifts
Do something soppy and sweet. Print out all your favourite pictures together and make it into a collage. Epson has launched its latest mini photo printer – the Epson PictureMate™ PM310 at S$299 which offers photo playback with its large, seven-inch digital photo frame and excellent photo printing with its compact photo inkjet printer. Digital photos from different cameras can be displayed and printed wirelessly. It has a tiltable screen allows users to preview and edit images before printing and also serves as a desktop digital photo frame that displays photographs with extreme clarity and brilliance. There are a variety of pre-installed Disney photoframes, and it comes with a remote control that allows users to navigate wirelessly to showcase their images in a series of animated photo slideshows. See:

Edible Gifts
Well, this one is not edible or sugar coated but the effect is the same, totally delicious. Poh Heng launches a patisserie tray of Praline and Truffle rings from their Chic Indulgence line in 18K yellow, rose and white gold. Like rich and lavish truffles with smooth, silky and creamy ganache fillings, the sensuality of these rings with their smooth polished surfaces make them irresistible. Available in three different styles the Praline rings start at $1000 onwards. The Truffle rings offer a more lustruous and intense flavour in rose and white gold with beautifully grooved details starting at S$1200. See:

Thoughtful Gifts
Between the opposite sex, is there ever such a thing as staying “just friends”? Well you can always gift one or several of the Tod’s vibrant “My Colours” bracelets and see what happens next! At HK$1600 each, it definitely says you want to be more than friends!

Me Gifts
What the heck? You are a big girl just get a gift for you! Something pretty for your wrist to firmly reaffirm that “I Love Me”! Just the thing to say it is the Goldheart Lovelle® whitegold bracelet with round brilliant cut diamonds, starting at S$288.

- Elaine
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