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Love, Peace and Cocktails 
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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Breakaways - Samsonite's Stylish Hand-Carries

Throw out boring and basic. The computer bag and your work luggage should be fun. In fact, who wants it corporate black and practical when these days, your luggage should be the piece that you want to spot a mile away when its being loaded onto the belt. In which case, its time to give up the old for a piece of the new Red label from Samsonite.

The all new range of mod bags claim to be specially tailored for Gen-Yers. Ok so most of us are X Men or Gals but why be branded by a label. I am everything including 'vibrant','young' and 'casual' - words used by the PR people to describe the new collection in the Red label that Samsonite hopes to sell as 'fun and fresh'. The bags are good for school, work and play. With three different lines – Retro Campus, Young Professional and Young Formal they score high on looks.
The Retro Campus collection is a throw back to your school girl or school boy days. Take the Expander for example, a perfect carry-all and the backpack and briefcase are functional and expandable.

For the Young Professional, the G-GEN leaves you clad in vibrant red and brightens any work outfit and features a cross body, back pack and messenger bags.
If you absolutely must have formal than go for something trendy. The Reflector which combines the trendiest design with dark bold colors. Edgy and modern, the shoulder and briefcase bags with leather trim lend a touch of elegance and class.
If you find the range irresistibly comfortable then you might want to try the Ladies range. We quite liked Dazzling for the self-confident woman and is available in two designs or the Winnie, perfect for the woman who loves adventure as the backpack is built to withstand any terrain and is both strong and durable.

The Samsonite Red Label Collection is available only at ION Orchard in SIngapore at #B3-30 and Changi Airport Terminal 3 (airside).

- Elaine
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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Boudoir - Nature's Viagara!

Not in the mood? Switch on the siren with some DAMIANA. Naturopath, Jean Luc Bun calls it 'nature's' turn on for lack lustre libidos.

Jean Luc recommends a herb called Turnera Diffusa a.k.a Turnera Aphrodisiaca or Damiana Aphrodisiaca - 'Damiana', for short. This herb has long been used to improve sexual function in both sexes.  Tests in 1999 via an Italian study showed increased rates of ejaculation in a group of sexually sluggish rats (could they just have been Italian stud rats? you ask). 

Well maybe, I say but they do say that the proof is in the pudding and in the US , 2 patents for this herbal formulae have been filed in the last 8 years for this herb that supposedly increases sexual response and also relieves PMS symptoms. Wow horny and not PMS-ing.  I say that scores a big A in my books!

JL Bun (B.Sc., Advanced Diploma Naturopathy, Diploma Homeopathy, Diploma Botanical Medicine, Diploma Nutrition, Diploma Remedial Medicine, Diploma Beauty Therapy, Diploma Natural Beauty Therapy, CIDESCO*)

Jean Luc's advice: "Damiana can be taken as a soothing tea, 2 to 3 times a day sweetened with a little honey and lemon peel or as a liquid extract. It has been shown to calm nerves, reduce anxiety, relieve depression, reduce blood sugar, in addition to increasing one's libido. You can also find Daimana in the form of an essential oil and it has a rich, spicy scent known to reduce stress, and get the user in the 'into the mood’."

A Bedroom Blend Recipe: "You can mix the essential oil with other favourite oils to make your own bedroom blend and a suggested blend which I really like is Damiana, Neroli, Damask Rose with just a hint of Sweet Orange to compliment the Neroli. For the macho-man, spice up the blend by leaving out the Sweet Orange essential oil and adding a bit of Cedarwood or Sandalwood. Add a few drops of this blend to some hot water over a tealight candle to add atmosphere, or give your loved one a slow massage after diluting out the blend in some good quality base oil, like Apricot Kernel oil (1 teaspoon of blend into 200ml of base oil)."

What to buy: "When buying Damiana, make sure you get the right plant, i.e. Turnera Diffusa. This plant has some similar-looking or sounding cousins which are used herbally for other conditions."

Order Online: Can't find it at your local pharmacy. Try UK Eve Taylor at www.eve-taylor.com

Now, go forth and make love happen.

- Elaine
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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Binge - Japanese Dining That Won't Kill Your Prada

So many new restaurants sprouting up around Singapore, Madam is in a tizzy trying to keep up! Not too long ago, I tried out Akari, a new Japanese restaurant in the Marina Bay financial district. (With all the construction going on and the relatively new roads and buildings, I swear I am a dinosaur in stilettos trying to plod my way around this new swanky neighbourhood.) Let’s say on the outset that unless I had some reason to be in that glitzy outpost of town, I probably won’t make a special trek to that area….but Akari is surely a Good Thing to people who are already working in the vicinity.

Marinated black pork with miso
That’s cos Akari, just by the big water buffalo statue on the plaza of Marina Bay Link Mall, is a smart, quiet restaurant which would serve the office crowd there well enough especially if they need to entertain at mid-levels. While the d├ęcor is nothing to shout about – it won’t leave you gobsmacked in design heaven – the menu is actually very interesting indeed. If you’d venture beyond the predictable sushi and sashimi route and cast your eyes at the a la carte options, you’ll find lots of pretty intriguing dishes to tickle your fancy.

My dining companion and I had a parade of dishes which, by grazing, made up for a heavy lunch. Cutting to the chase, the dishes I liked the most by far was the simmered duck with spinach salad ($18) – lovely raw Chinese spinach which was surprisingly sweet and substantial in mouth feel, paired with pink, juicy slivers of duck breast. Very nice! The deep fried burdock was sweet and crunchy, and went so well with the smoky, mellow flavour of black sesame seeds ($7, above). Surprisingly, something as simple as Japanese rolled omelette paired with spicy cod roe ($8, below) was really excellent and I rather rudely polished off most of that dish! Just sweet enough, but well balanced with the savoury; and the eggs were nicely springy and tender.

The bestsellers though were none of these, but the deep fried simmered tender pork rib bone ($24) which was, to me, nice but didn’t call to me. The other is the marinated black pork with miso ($24) – also pleasant, tender, flavourful, but I guess there’s so much kurobuta hype that its perhaps a case of too much of a good thing. Not that either were disappointing – they just didn’t move me. You might like it though.

Definelly worth mentioning is the taikikomi gohan ($4.50) which varies with seasonal ingredients. I can’t quite remember what there was in my bowl but I remembered piquant, interesting flavours and textures and I really enjoyed the dish. Ingredients that the chef would pop in include perilla leaf, gingko nuts, bonito flakes, mushrooms, soy bean, beancurd, etc depending on the seasons.

Premium Bento Delivery which comes with a service staff for more than 10 orders

What I thought was pretty cool is their bento box takeaways and office deliveries, particularly the premium bento box which comes in a pretty wooden box ($50). If you have a delivery of over 10 orders of the premium box, a service staff comes along to pour your tea and serve it up nicely….then he hangs around to collect the boxes when you’re done and bring it back to the restaurant. I think this is pretty nifty if you are stuck in a power meeting over lunch in the office. Might as well eat well while you slog on. But this service is only available to offices in Marina Bay Financial Centre and one Raffles Quay. Another thing that caught my attention is the course meals which the restaurant offers. Starting from $35, these are ‘mini kaiseki’ with a range of dishes cooked in different styles. Omakase is available for dinner.

Mini Keyaki from $38

Good to know: On the wine list are over 20 types of sake and lots of Shochu and Japanese beers and plum wines. But corkage is attractive at $25. Closed on Sundays. Quiet in the evenings, so a good place for dinner without the crowds. The owners are also the people behind Tomo Izakaya and Tempura Bar at Clarke Quay.

8A Marina Boulevard #01-02
Tel: 66340100
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Saturday, 5 March 2011

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Love, Peace and Cocktails 
The SimplyFab Team 
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Beauty - Portable Make-Up with Built-In Brushes!

Brush it on this season with a fun palette of colours that come in a portable make-up case complete with built in brushes. These make their debut at The Body Shop's counters this season and the new limited edition collection is aptly called "Brush with Fashion" as this season's look is awash with vivid colour, drama and bold looks that you will need some abandon and a large serving of personality to carry off.

For the socially conscious amongst us, all ingredients used in producing the make up have also been community traded ie. bought from ethnic merchants rather than the big boys out there in a company wide effort to help sustain struggling economies and communities. Also everything including the brushes were produced free from animal testing - two admirable things for which have become The Body Shop's brand sign offs.
Getting all fashionable and edgy, the brand that every teen (including my fab self) grew up in the 80s partnered with The London College of Fashion to create the edgy packaging and a catwalk show that shows off some of the College's ex alumna's fashion creations including up-coming British designer William Tempest. Sorry folks, no sign of Jimmy Choo and Patrick Cox, also incidentally ex-alumna.

Engaging the skills of Nikki Palmer, professional UK based make up artist and ex-alumna, the look for Spring is all about colour and a celebration of the bright and bold.The focus is on the eyes and the season's palette offers gorgeous matte shades of chocolate, fawn and apricot, pearlised hues of white, pink and silver complemented with dramatic matte black with lashes beautifully defined; cheeks are rose-tinted; and lips are dressed in glossy shades of pink and peach.

Watch their catwalk show and four fashion-forward looks created by make-up artist Nikki Palmer!www.youtube.com/watch?hl=en&v=9QB5FYPqfP4&gl=US
The range comprises for the Face, an Illuminating Face Base (S$29.90) in Apricot Glow that adds warmth to your complexion.
For the Eyes, two Limited Collection Palette For Eyes (both S$39.90) - one called Boho Beauty with nude, apricot and browns and the other called A La Mode that shows off pearlised white, pink and silver with intense matt black to add drama to the eyes. Each of these come in a compact of four complementary eye colours packaged with a mini eye definer, a mini eye shadow brush and an integrated mirror. There is also Super Volume Mascara (S$22.90) that has a specially designed brush to make it smudge resistant with a clump free formula.
Lip gloss comes in the form of two best-selling Hi-Shine Lip Treatments (S$18.90) in Pink Cream and Juicy Peach. They each come in a limited-edition pack with integrated brush which allows you to squeeze the gloss through the brush and apply following the contours of the lips.

For the Cheeks, there is a Tailored Cheek Tint (S$19.90) in Hot Pink.

Just in case you want some accessories, there is a Nail File (S$4.90) and Nail Buffer (S$5.90), and The Body Shop's famous Lightening Touch (S$28.90) which features a magic little wand that gives light relief to dark circles and fine lines and instantly brightens the skin especially when used around the eye area after applying foundation so as not to reduce the effect of the ingenious little light-diffusing particles that minimise fine lines and dark shadows.

- Elaine
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Friday, 4 March 2011

By The Way - Sleeping with the Merlion, Papaya Sisters and the LBD

There are lots of really fun cultural events taking place this month and beyond which caught our eyes. We picked out a few which qualify as must-go’s in our books!....

I’m all for local comedy theatre which has the undeniable ability to identify and connect with Singaporeans at our most fundamental, multiracial core, and appeals to our our inner (and fabulous) auntie. The “881 The Musical” by Toy Factory, which plays from 15 April - 1 May at the Esplanade Theatre, is a must go in our books. It takes audiences on an exhilarating journey through the lives of the Papaya Sisters who want to rule the ‘getai’ circuit with assistance from an intriguing celestial being. But their success is threatened by the entrance of the Angmoh Durian Sisters! Sung in Mandarin and unapologetically in Hokkien (with English subtitles), it promises great music, choreography and eye-popping costumes. The first time a local movie has been adapted for the stage, it features a strong cast that includes Joanna Dong, Judee Tan, Nat Ho, Sebastian Tan, Dennis and a creative team of Beatrice Chia-Richmond (In-theatre Director), Royston Tan (Creative Consultant), Elaine Chan (Musical Director and Conductor). Tix from $40.


Merlion Hotel

You know what they say about seeing an old familiar face from a different perspective?...So how about this? As part of the Singapore Biennale, Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi is turning the merlion into a luxury hotel suite as a one-of-a-kind installation piece! It will be open in the day for public viewing and in the evening for overnight stays. Crazy, huh? But that’s a new look at the merlion if ever there was one. Imagine waking up in the morning eye to eye with the merlion. Certainly beats buying a plastic merlion key chain!

The hotel is taking in reservations from now for one-night stays between 4 April and 5 May, for two adults at $150 nett. The hotel suite is fully furnished with a double-bed, bathroom, amenities, personalised room check-in, dedicated Merlion Hotel Butler as well as breakfast at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore! To spread the love and ensure no one hogs the fun, each person can only book a one night stay for two. Check in at 8.30pm and check out bright and early at 8.30am.

Merlion Hotel Reservations Tel: (+65) 6332 9870, between 10am – 5pm Mondays to Fridays. Reservations will only be confirmed on receipt of payment by the Singapore Art Museum.

LBD At The Museum

I didn’t know that the Little Black Dress has been around since the 1920s. Such an iconic wardrobe necessity, no wonder it’s become the stuff of museum exhibitions! If you want to see what fashionistas over the last century have been putting on for their cocktail parties, pop down to the National Museum in Singapore from 16 March – 13 June and see Beauty in Black, a showcase of 18 vintage LBDs from the 1950s to the 21st century. Designers include Balenciaga, Givenchy, Karl Lagerfeld and Thierry Mugler, as well as local designers Benny Ong and Thomas Wee. Comprising acquisitions and donations, these dresses explore the colour black in today’s fashion! What to wear to the exhibition? Your own little black dress, of course!

The Balcony, Level 2
National Museum of Singapore
93 Stamford Road

- Ee Waun

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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Buys - Crocodile and Calf Leather are IN!

Quality leather continues to be IN this Spring/Summer 2011 and the look is all about supple calf leather and precious crocodile and python skins that play with colour. We caught up with the folks from Tods to ask what's new on their bag racks this season:
First up the Tod's Shirt Bag, great if you are traveling and want something light, easy, ruin-proof and folds easily. Crafted in ultra soft leather with a drawstring closure that gives the silhouette an appearance of lightness.
Their is also the new Tote bag that has an elegant and linear design. Also in calf leather or crocodile skin, it is timeless, stylish and practical. Available in three sizes, it is large and roomy for the daylight hours and available in a smaller version with a shoulder strap for the evening.
The iconic D Bag is presented this Spring in a new luxurious reversed sheepskin or croc, enriched with platinum-plated hardware.
If its a clutch that you prefer, the new Clutch bag with buckle is crafted in colourful python skin and makes a great cocktail bag, but is also suitable for the day thanks to its hidden shoulder strap.
Want a one of a kind design?.. then make your own!

Tods launches a new 'Custom-Made' corner in it's Singapore flagship boutique at Paragon for you to create your very own customised accessory from the Icons collection which includes custom making your own colours and materials for the D Bag and shoes like the Tod's Gommino and the Ballerina. The same service is also available in Paris and Hong Kong at the Tod's Landmark and Tod's Harbour City stores.

- Elaine
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Beauty - New Organic Skincare at Watsons!

I personally love Watsons' new range of Avalon Organics Haircare. Now a Organic Skincare range joins the fold of this best selling US brand stocked at Watsons. Reasonable pricing and great smells all at one go make this brand a winner. My personal favourite is the Peppermint Haircare range as I am the kind of gal that needs a strong wake up call each morning so nothing like a mint shower drenching your naked head and butt! LOL!

Two new ranges for Skin have hit the shelves to join the existing Haircare range and they are the Avalon Organics Lavender and Vitamin C Skincare Ranges. From only S$13 to $38.90 (in Singapore), thats a small price to pay to get some all natural radiance for your skin. Designed for sensitive skin and for the environmentally conscious, the formulations are inherently pure, safe and effective, free from parabens, artificial colours or fragrances.

The Lavender line is good for skin renewal and vitality and ideal for all skin types even those with sensitive skin and reactive complexions. It combines the calming and balancing properties of Organic Lavender, with the powerful anti-oxidants contained in Organic White Tea and Grape Seed Polyphenols. In addition, certificated organic herbs, botanicals and lipid-rich vegetable oils provide weightless hydration. Great for irritated skin and trouble spots caused by inflammation, the range offers a Facial Cleansing Gel, Cleansing Milk (which is next to impossible to find in Hong Kong as alot of stores here stock washes that deep cleanse but don't (in my humble opinion) do a thorough job at cleansing). There is also a Moisture Plus Lotion with SPF 18 that contains Vitamin C and E to protect skin from harmful free radicals and UVA and UVB rays for day and a Ultimate Moisture Cream for night.

The Vitamin C line is good for those with normal to oily skin and delivers active protection against aging caused by sun exposure. The antioxidant agent Vitamin C also stimulates collagen production, while promoting cellular renewal and increased circulation.  Their formulation boasts an enhanced antioxidant ‘cocktail’ of Melatonin, Lemon bioflavonoids, Vitamin C and E and White Tea Extract to protect skin from UV damage. To effectively nourish and hydrate sun-exposed skin, Organic Lavender, Organic Borage, Flax and Sunflower Oils, Hyaluronic Acid, and Lipo-Filling Complex were also included to ensure a soft, even complexion with a healthy, youthful glow. The range comprises a Refreshing Cleansing Gel,Hydrating Cleansing Milk, Rejuvenating Oil-Free Moisturizer and a pampering Revitalizing Eye Cream that nourishes the delicate eye area to improve circulation and tone for smoother and younger looking eyes.

Available at Watsons' main stores in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea and Indonesia.

- Elaine
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