Monday, 31 August 2009

By The Way - Entertainment that costs only 20 bucks!

Who says good fun will burn a hole in your Birkins? I have just discovered that 20 bucks goes a long way to buy a great night out. SIMPLYFAB value so you may want to take advantage of this one before the recession is declared officially OVER!! 

GIRLS' NIGHT OUT WITH KUMAR - $20 including one drink at 3-Monkeys Cafe at 267, Holland Avenue, Holland Village (same row as the banks). Showtime is for every Wednesday in September. 2 sets nightly at 8pm and 10pm. Best thing about this - NO BOYS ALLOWED! For reservations, call 64691338 now!! Starts this coming Wednesday 2 Sep, followed by 9,16,23 and 30 September! 

THE HOSSAN LEONG SHOW - $15 tickets selling at SISTIC, SISTIC Hotline:(65) 6348 5555. Happens at The Drama Centre from 1 to 11 October. Directed by Chief Dim Sum Dolly, Selena Tan, expect to hear Hossan's quips on topics like the H1N1 virus, the latest economic crunch, Mas Selamat's saga, AWARE etc.

DA:NS FESTIVAL - $20 tickets also selling at SISTIC (see above link) for this Braun Buffel sponsored event that happens 23 October to 1 November at The Esplanade. There are four events - first up, Spanish and Belgian twosome Maria Pages and Sidi Larbi Chekaoni for some fiery flamenco, then there is an Evening with Paloma Herrera who is the Prinicipal Dancer in the American Ballet Theatre or else see Thai and Tibetan dance movements beautifully choreographed by Shen Wei, the chief choreographer of the Beijing Olympic's opening sequence. Finally, for some funk, tap, breakdance and acrobatics try Project X - RAW Dance Company featuring Last For One. Details at:

- Elaine
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Friday, 28 August 2009

Binge - More Moon (cakes) Rising

Tropical Mooning
Are you an exotic rainforest native girl or closet tropical beach bunny deep inside? Fin expression at your next ‘shang yueh’ party. Let the beasts bay at the moon. We shall indulge in wild tropical morsels, which I suspect may be quite nice with the tropical inspired cocktails – mango margarita maybe? What am I talking about? Goodwood Park Hotel’s snowskin mooncakes. They’re perfectly chi-chi with their local fruity flavours – snowskin mooncake with soursop puree and pulp; D24 durian mooncake with hefty in-your-face durian paste, or a more delicate chempedak mooncake. And something we mentioned last week, their ‘ximilu’ dessert-inspired mooncake filled with mango puree, mango cubes and pomelo sac. Wild! But I suspect these mooncakes work because they’re not over-the-top madly crazy. A box of four containing one each of these mooncakes go for $44; or you can pick up the flavours you like, priced between $22 - $26 (for two). Available from The Deli from now until 3 October.

Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road,
Tel: 6730 1867/1868
Marco Polo and His Torta

First Marco Polo potters over the China and claims our mee, kway teow, wonton and mee pok as pasta. Now COVA Pasticceria, that Italian haven of deliciousness ensconced in tai-tai paradise, Paragon, has announced the Torta Della Luna - or Cake of the Moon. Sacrilege! Four flavours - the Rose & Vanilla Sponge combines vanilla sponge cake with chocolate and pastry cream in rose-scented snowskin, and the Peanut & Chocolate Sponge, looking suspiciously like mee chian kueh, is chocolate sponge cake layered with chocolate feuillentine (a fancy name for chocolate cream mixed with cereal), peanut butter cream and chopped peanuts. There’s also Chocolate and Lotus Seed Paste which is a lotus seed paste mooncake with a dark chocolate ganache centre, and mango and Lotus Seed Paste, with mango ganache centre ($36 for a box of 4). Granted they do sound quite yummy, and I will be inclined to try….But calling it Torta Della Luna? Now that’s a little hard to swallow. (Available until 28 August - 3 Oct)

290 Orchard Road
#01-20A Paragon
Tel: 6733 0777
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This Weekend - Go Fly Kite!

Looking for something novel to do this weekend? Set your inner child free and go fly kite (literally).

The Kite Festival happens this weekend - Sat, Aug 29 and Sun, Aug 30 from 4pm to 7pm at West Coast Park. Its a free event with free kites, free performances, free goodies for early birds and even a free shuttle from Clementi MRT.

1. Bring out that picnic mat (yes the dusty one with the crease lines that is packed away in your car boot)

2. Stock that wicker basket that you always said you needed to have and have not used since you bought in in 1997. Go to 360 at ION and raid Dean and Deluca or Hediard goodies (can't go wrong with their Fig Jam which goes super with cracked pepper crackers) and get out your favourite bottle of champers or vino.

3. Ready Children and spouse - both optional. I would rather invite a girlfriend/s with a love for the impromptu and celebrate Fabuliciousness together!

Who says 40 year olds are not full of spontaneous fun? See you there!!

- Elaine
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Thursday, 27 August 2009

By The Way - You 'oughta' HOTA

A thick yellow leaftlet with the Human Organ Transplant Act just arrived in the mail in the same batch as my reminder for my NTUC Income insurance renewal for my Basic Elder Shield Plan.

Yes, its sad to think that at Fabulicious Forty, I am considered an Elder? Shudder!! Isn't there a saying that "Life begins at 40!!" New copywriter needed at MOH, desperately!

I digress from my original point which was to share this important revelation: "Did you know that in Singapore, you really 'oughta' HOTA (donate your organs, yes all of the working ones, that is) and dare I say it is 'strongly suggested' that you do - even though you can opt out using the pink slip found at the end of the HOTA booklet.

The part to remember is that if you are from 21 to 60, if you don't 'HOTA', you 'oughta' start worrying cos if you find yourself (God forbid) in the queue for an organ transplant (in the unforsee-able future), it is clearly stated in point 4 of the letter that comes with the booklet that you will most definitely be assigned a "lower priority" on the specific organ transplant waiting list, should you opt out.

Scary thought! So, I guess I 'oughta' HOTA- what about you? Certainly food for thought for me this week!

Details at:

- Elaine

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Friday, 21 August 2009

Breakaway - Moon Over Water & Just Desserts

Sometimes you just have to give yourself a big treat – hear that? BIG TREAT! After all, I think we do enough for all those around us to give ourselves a pat on the back and a nice, well earned reward. If we don’t…let’s face it - no one will! Just arrange it all and use his credit card. (Left pix: SEVVA rooftop terrace)

That’s what popped into mind when I came across a recent release about aqua luna. It’s an authentic Chinese junk that looks like it sailed straight out from antiquity, looking particularly dramatic at night with its silent, towering red sail. Oooh…Very nice indeed. Its in Hong Kong, and run by the very stylish aqua group. Won’t you love to have a party onboard. And that’s exactly what they have just rolled out – private events over lunch or dinner. I’ll take dinner, thank you.

For the private, three-hour sailing, you board the junk at Central or Tsim Sha Shui with your guests. Imagine taking in the lights and sights of Victoria Harbour en route to your pre-chosen destination. Where would that be? Perhaps to Tsing Ma Bridge to watch the fireworks at Disneyland or to a secluded beach cove for a late night dip…Then settle down on the upper deck lounge beds of the junk and sip drinks before aqua luna moors up and serves a gourmet buffet dinner from the kitchens of the aqua group restaurants. Alternatively, there’s a two hour drinks cruise around the harbour with canapés and drinks if you prefer mealtimes on terra firma.

Three hour package at HK$23,000 for up to 30 persons with buffet dinner, 3-hours unlimited free pouring of wines and drinks, etc. Two hour drinks and canapé sailing at HK$300 per head.
Tel: 852 2116 8821 or email for details.

A Necessary Extravagance
To maintain one's fabuliciousness, some amount of extravagance is called for - in restrained, stylish doses in keeping with the current economic mood. Smaller, but more frequent doses of fabuliciousness can work, and we suggest Ms B’s Sweets. We, ourselves, were gobsmack, over the moon with just one look at these confections, found at Ms. B’s Sweets in Hong Kong’s super-chic SEVVA. Of these sinful mounds of gorgeousness, bestsellers are Ms Gokson's 'Original Crunch Cakes', 'Marie Antoinette’s Crave' cakes and classic Lemon Meringue Pie. Look out for divine new offerings recently rolled out, with equally glamorous names like Coco, comprising coconut mousse on light coconut sponge with coconut macaroon and fresh whipped cream, Divine, chocolate truffle on triple chocolate sponge with blackberries, raspberries and strawberries, and Marrakesh, which is an almond sponge with pistachio butter cream. (Prices range from HK$400-450 for 500g cakes to HK$650-750 for 1 kg).

And while you’re there, drink in the extravagant five-foot vintage Venini chandelier, one of a pair that graced the British Embassy in Rome in the 1950s. The rest of the restaurant is soaked in lusciousness too, especially with its rooftop terrace and 360-degree view of the skyline. Perfect for a luxurious spot of moongazing!

10 Chater Road Central,
Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2537 1388
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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Binge - SimplyFab's Mooncake Gift Guide

It’s a snow skinned sea of pastel baubles out there which have taken over the mooncake scene! With chefs going crazily creative, all sorts of inspired ingredients and interpretations have been rolled into their skins. At the end of the day, most people – including Auntie here – just wants a good, basic mooncake – leen yong please, no yolk. But if you want to give them away as gifts, there’s lots to choose from to match the intended recipient. Here’s our quick guide to mooncake gifting:

For Mom & Dad – Give them what they really want. Basic but good is always a winner. Fairmont Hotel Singapore’s baked mooncake with red lotus paste and single yolk (less sugar) was really nice, a richer taste and the reddish colour of the paste was interesting ($46 for 4; available from 28 Aug – 3 Oct), or Majestic Restaurant’s rather delectable baked white lotus seed paste mooncake ($36 for four) with no yolks on account of cholesterol levels, or Orchard Hotel’s White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts ($11.50 per piece) by Chef Chan Kwok himself.

Sweet Old Grandma – Go ahead and spoil her. Anything you give her, she’ll appreciate, so go all ladylike and pretty. Meritus Mandarin’s delicate Osmanthus Snow Skin Mooncake with Black Bean Paste, Pine Nuts and Egg Yolks ($25 per box of 2) is gorgeous and fragrant, but if dentures can’t work round the seeds, take on her adventurous spirit with Goodwood Park Hotels’ Mango with Pomelo Snowskin Mooncake with smooth mango puree with mango cubes and pomelo sac. So sweet, healthy and ‘masticable’ ($22 for two pieces; S$40 for four).

Crusty Granny – Don’t rock the boat or you’ll never hear the end of it. Nice and traditional with all the necessary symbolism always works. Anything baked with all four yolks will get you out of the firing line, unless she accuses you of trying to kill her with cholesterol. In this case, go for Meritus Mandarin’s Baked Mooncake with Reduced Sugar White Lotus Paste and Macadamia Nuts ($46 per box)…though you may have to pick out the nuts for her on account of her dentures.

Finicky in laws – See above

Chinese Towkay Client – Must to have dragons and macho, auspicious symbolisms! Definitely Meritus Mandarin’s Fortune Dragon Mooncakes ($118), a behemoth so grand it’ll puff him up and land you the contract no doubt. Five moulded baked mooncakes lined up to form a dragon, it comprises cakes filled with Double Yolks & Lotus Paste; Lotus Paste and Macadamia Nut; Pandan Custard; Assorted Nuts and Kam Hua Ham and Green Tea Paste. Of the lot, I like the pandan custard best. (Available at the deli 25 Aug – 3 October.) If not, it’d be Shangri-La’s XO Cognac Chocolate Truffle in cocoa snowskin ($45 per box of 8).

Female Towkay-Neo Client – Let’s keep up with the times. These days, towkay-neo’s call the shots, too. So if you’ve got a client that fits the profile, go for Majestic Restaurant’s Mini Snow Skin with Kwei Feh Liqeuer Mooncake ($42 for 8, Avail 24 Aug – 3 Oct), comprising snowskin infused with kwei feh lychee liqeuer, encasing lotus past and red wine, or Shangri-La’s Bird’s Nest and Custard in Snow Skin ($76 per box of 8). Perfect also for aspiring tai-tais who can imagine themselves the famed concubine of old.

Just Us Girls – No need to keep up appearances, we just want some fun….and if you can spout out some Li Bai while you’re at it, why not? How about Swensons ice cream mooncakes for a bit of childish fun. Of the eight flavours, I’ll pick Sticky Chewy Chocolate, Durian Supreme (with new improved recipe, they say), black sesame, and Milo. ($25.90 for four) from 1 Sept – 3 October.

If not, get Fairmont Hotel’s snowskin mooncake with Champagne truffle and chocolate ganache, and mini snow skin feulletine hazelnut with wafer crunch nuts ($45 for 8); Shangri-La’s Champagne Chocolate Truffle in chocolate snowskin ($45.80 per box of 8) or the Hilton’s chic-chi but so cute mini cheesecake mooncakes. Of the flavours, we like the Cranberry & Raspberry combination, Mandarin Orange & Hibiscus and Strawberry & Ivory – white chocolate and vanilla. ($38 for four, 15 Aug – 3 Oct)
Get SimplyFab's Mobile Little Black Book!
Don't bother to heave out the telephone directory. For absolute convenience, get SimplyFab's Little Black Book of mooncake hotline telephone numbers of the hotels featured here directly into your handphone.
Just SMS "SF[space]LBB[space]Moon[space]Yourname[space]age" to 77688 for free and we'll send you the essential numbers in a flash.
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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Binge - The Lighthouse

When I was told that Fullerton was going to re-open what was once San Marco into yet another Italian restaurant, I must admit I suppressed a yawn. (Sorry, C – being honest here.)

Another Italian place? We need another one, just like we need another ERP gantry. But having since been there twice – within a three-week period – I stand thoroughly and head-smackingly corrected. And I have fallen in love with The Lighthouse at the top of The Fullerton Hotel.

Remember the old San Marco? Broodingly dark? Well, this is totally different – floods of cheerful sunshine, seriously great food and happy people as your service staff.

Nothing particularly exciting concept-wise, but this trinity coming together so well is monstrously rare in Singapore.

Toss in a 180 degree view of the marina, and it’s up there in blinking lights for me. And one more thing I like about this place – it’s got a sincere, happy, welcoming spirit and you feel it from the time you walk in, to the time you walk out and throughout the meal in between. (Seriously, after 19 years in this business, I am so tired of pretentious, so-stylish-it-hurts type places trying to be too cool for your business!)

It had been some time since I last ventured up there, and travelling up the box of a private lift to the restaurant, I encountered a cook who walked in at the ‘in-between floor’. Confused, I asked if I had reached the restaurant yet, but he offered most helpfully that no, it was the kitchens and the toilet. “How hygienic are you guys then?” I asked. “We are very hygienic indeed,” he gamely replied, and offered some historical information about the kitchen once being the living quarters of the lighthouse caretaker and thus the toilet conveniently next to it. The current restaurant by the way is where the beacon itself was located. Friendly chap, I thought.

The cook turned out to be the main man himself, Chef de Cuisine Diego Martinelli who – I soon discovered - churns out stylish, exquisitely executed, keel-over-and-die good Italian cuisine – particularly his red meats. Leave the more pedestrian pasta aside, for while it is excellent, simply cannot beat his grilled pork cheek ($36), which – being totally, gravely serious – was unbelievably good, easily the best in town. Juicy, melting, tender, it was as comfy and seductive as an unhurried afternoon nap. This was served with a blob of pumpkin puree with a crispy bit of apple.

Next best thing on the menu is the wagyu beef tenderloin($44) – equally mesmerizing with its juicy, tender meat, served with creamed celeriac – a classic side – sautéed vegetables and porcini jus. Which underlines the fact that if the main attraction is that good, you don’t need other novelties to help it along.

Of the pastas (if you really need one after those meats), the tagliolini with prawns, zucchini and tuna bottarga ($35) was pretty enjoyable though the butternut tortellini ($36), a house specialty, was so sweet and thick I almost fell off my chair. If you like your main course sweet and sticky though, this would be the baby for you. I liked the appetizer of rucola, green apple, walnut and fennel salad with grilled ricotta ($20), and the beef carpaccio, leisurely indulgent in a tai-tai sort of way. Nice with some bubbly in the afternoon.

For dessert, go for the balsamic vinegar sautéed strawberries with lavender ice cream ($18) and the tiramisu ($15), which is non-alcoholic by the way and end with a digestif of strawberry and basil infusion ($18) made by the restaurant staff themselves.

On National Day, I pottered over to The Lighthouse again to try their brand new Sunday brunch, only into their second week.

Once again, the restaurant outdid itself. Brunch was a la carte dishes but with free flow wine and prosecco. While the menu held most of the lunch items, there was also a hearty Tuscan tomato bread soup ($16), poached eggs Florentine which was perfect in all its simplicity ($18), and steamed mussels with tomato, chilli and capers served with bread ($20). All lovely. Three of us dined with four courses each and the bill came up to only $330. That’s good value. Definitely a must go.

Oh yes, and one more secret. Ask to have dessert and coffee at the rooftop after dinner. A fantastic view with a top of the world feeling – very romantic, but only if you don’t have vertigo.

8th floor, The Fullerton Hotel
1 Fullerton Square
Tel: 6877 8933
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Thursday, 13 August 2009

BTW – Firm Foundations

Did you know it was World Underwear Day yesterday…on 12 August? So, darling, what did you wear?

Madam herself has problems on a day-to-day basis organizing matching foundations. I am not disciplined nor extravagant enough to buy matching pairs each time,….and what if I want to put on a dark bottom and light coloured top? We can’t go panda bear through a white shirt, can we? Mother of all faux pas! And indeed, I was once again mismatched yesterday, seeing through World Underwear Day with nary a parade.

But conversations among friends have revealed that many of us are similarly challenged with this issue of colours and hues on a daily basis. (The small blessing is that at least we have a spectrum of colours enough to be mismatched!) A friend did say once that she kept away from colours and styles – save for the most conventional – as she was troubled by what the maid might think amid doing the laundry. So I will hazard to guess that G-strings and T-backs will not be part of her repertoire. In fact, as you will see in our little chat with lingerie expert in the story below, most women in our vintage go for pieces with more fabric.

But freshly post-World Underwear Day, I ask, must it be? At the halfway mark of one’s expected lifespan, is one waiting for the BIG 50 to venture into adventurous undergarments? Not long ago I pottered out to procure some to experiment with. To cut a long story short, flossing from G-strings was unbearable, inconceivable as a piece of clothing to don daily and for me, an unthinkable prospect. Boy shorts were even more uncomfortable. But interestingly, T-backs were great. Highly comfy, and a boon for travelling light (dries superfast, too), they come in all sorts of scintillating designs at places like Oohtique. Only thing is, you should wear it with skirts of heftier weight and length cos you don’t really want to go jiggling your buns down the street!...and oh yes, don’t get tangled in all the stringy bits.

I discovered some interesting stats too: 49% of women prefer panties, 28% thongs and 13% boyshorts. And adventures of all adventures!...6% prefer to go commando! And while we’re at it, might as well take a peek at the guys: 25% like boxers, 32% briefs, 28% boxer briefs…though I’ll be pretty suspicious of the 4% that do thongs and 7% go without. I’d say the 7% step into hazardous areas as those who didn’t get the snip risk getting zipped….and to extricate oneself, says a friend, is even more excruciating. Italians wear red, Argentineans wear pink, and Brazilians wear brand new underwear on New Year’s Eve…how about Singaporeans? Oh yes….boring beige?

Nay, tis time to sally forth and enhance one’s practical foundation wardrobe with colours, styles, fabrics, and liberalise oneself!!

But I digress. One thing Elaine and I were mulling over is…what is your underwear personality? We are great believers that what one wears is an extension of what one is. So with our amateur attempts, let’s try to navigate this maze of personality….

Grandma Undies – Don’t knock this one. People who still do Granny underpants these days in the face of all the variety available are probably individualistic and bold enough to disregard what others are marketing. So either they’re super conservative and stand firm, or closet glamour queens weighed down with luggage, waiting for to burst forth into self expression given half a chance and six months of sit ups.

Bikini Panties – Shall we guess that most of us fall into this category? Practical people comfy in our own skin, but still with a bit of raciness? Let us guess further – still buying Triumph brand, right? Since our secondary school days?

String Bikini – Yummy Mummy embroiled in practicality.

G-strings – Masochists and dentally obsessed who can’t floss enough.

T-Backs Minimalist babes who probably do some mean chandelier swinging in their off-time, former beach bunnies or former Granny Underpants.

Boy Shorts – Sporty girls, a little conservative but probably with a distinct funky side too. Bet they have short, chic hairstyles too.

Lace, flutter panties – These would be the romantic ultra feminine types I guess. Not totally practical (how do you stuff the extra cloth in jeans?) and loves Hello Kitty.

Are we right?

- Ee Waun
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BTW - How To Have A Cuppa

Though it’s something we deal with every day of our lives, I confess the bra and other garments for the nether regions still cough up some mysteries for me – and if you were honest, I dare say I do not stand completely alone. So we hunted down Phan Pik Yie (PY for short), the obliging brand manager at Vizon Pte Ltd, for Passionata lingerie (from France no less), and grilled her on Stuff We Really Wanted To Know. We share her pearls of wisdom.

SF: Most advice on getting the right bra size talks about avoiding overflowing cups. But how about those of us who go through life with cups half empty?
Ladies who are unable to fill up even the smallest cups or if they are in between cup sizes can turn to silicone pad inserts (aka the chicken fillets) which can be inserted at the bottom of the cups to fill in the gaps. Or fabric foam inserts which may be more comfortable than silicon inserts, or at least lighter.

SF: If there’s hardly anything to push up, what can bras do that Nature and Willpower cannot?
Deep V or Deep Plunging bras have the same effect too. These bras have built-in padding and the center gap between the cups are very close to each other. The way the bra is constructed is to push from the sides, and voila! A nice cleavage.

SF: How about a checklist of points to look out for in the fitting room?
Many of us assume we wear the same bra size for every brand. But the cutting and sizing differ with each brand, and our bodies change all the time. It is best to get fitted every time we go lingerie shopping. Try the piece on and ensure the size is right. Here’s what you should look out for:

Correct band size. Use the middle hook for new bras. That’s ‘cos the band and the elastic will stretch out slightly with regular wash and wear.
No overspilling or muffin tops; watch out for cups which are too small or a style that’s suitable for your body shape.
No excess flesh spilling out of the back band. If there is, the band size is not right.
Straps mustn’t ‘eat’ into the flesh. Ensure straps are adjusted to comfortably fit a finger under it when worn.
The centre of the bra shouldn’t cut into the flesh. If it does, cup size is wrong.

SF: Lacy things are great, but how do you wear those under fitting evening dresses? Or is boring cotton our only salvation?
I’m afraid lacy lingerie will not be able to provide the smooth finishing effect like a seamless lingerie". But nowadays, they are not only available in boring cotton. Brands like Chantelle have come up with a line called Ultra Invisible – smooth finishing with soft satin materials. Satin will give it a more luxe look and feels better than cotton. It’s sexy and functional for our evening dresses. Sadly though, you’ll have to leave the Super Sexy Lace Lingerie for other outfits or other purposes.

SF: Aside from cavorting in the bedroom, do ‘baby dolls’ and ‘slips’ have a practical purpose?
Babydolls can be worn like an inner piece under a blazer so you don’t have to wear a bra + an inner blouse. Slips can be worn under an outfit to make the body more streamline or under sheer dresses.

SF: Should g-strings floss?
Good g-strings should not floss and give a sore butt. Ensure that the crotch lengths are not too short or not too long. If it's too short, it will definitely give you a sore butt. If it's too long, the string behind will be moving constantly and cause discomfort as well.

SF: Boy shorts ride up when you walk and catch you in the crotch – is it a matter of wrong size?
Yes, it's most prob too big a size.

SF: What are the top underwear no-nos?
Oh, I like this one:
· Visible panty lines (aka VPL). Ladies, there are plenty of seamless underwear around!
· Wearing a dark coloured pair of underwear under light coloured pants or skirt
· Wearing high-cut underwear with low cut pants or jeans
· Showing the T-back string when wearing low cut jeans
· Badly fitted underwear causing spillover of the tummy and love handles. Panties are supposed to have some form of ‘tummy control’.

SF: Based on your experience, what sort of underwear do most women in their 30s and 40s like to buy? Why?
For panties, they usually go for boyshorts, shorties or regular briefs. This is because these panties provide some form of tummy control. Young girls usually go for g-strings. Seamless and light-coloured panties are popular across the board. For bras, a high percentage of them will purchase T-Shirt bras in basic colours (nude, black or white). Very basic styles for easy everyday wear. Most important to them is they must be comfortable and functional.

The 3 must haves from the Passionata Range:

#1 Sexy, Fashion Bra - White Nights range
(Push Up Bra + Shorty)

#2 Contemporary, Modern Bra - Passio Original Bra
(this is a favourite among consumers world wide and Singapore)

#3 Daily Essential, Comfort - Nude Sensitive T-Shirt Bra or Strapless Bra (The ultimate invisible bra)

Sizes range from 32 to 36, A-D Cups and XS to L. Available at Takashimaya, Tangs Orchard, Metro Paragon and BHG Bugis.

- Ee Waun
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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Boudoir - Bedroom Bests

In celebration of World Underwear Day (and hopefully, the fact that you will be taking yours off soon enough) we share some recently discovered Boudoir Bests. Here they are straight from our Little Black Book to yours!

They call themselves Singapore’s premier sensual romantic store selling luxurious Adult toys, Fashion Gear, Jewelry and lifestyle products. Check out Oohtique! located at 50A Circular Road in Boat Quay. (Tel: 6557-0469). As their website suggests, “Don’t change partners just change the routine!” More than just a sex toy store, you can book a party with a minimum of 5 at the OOH Lounge Bar. There are a few party packages that include a voucher for a drink at the bar and store credit to take home an item of your choice. Pay extra and learn how to give a good lap dance or have a belly dancer entertain. Alcohol, a chocolate fountain await, definitely mood setting to say the least! Too shy to go in, then shop on line:

If you want to enhance the chi in your bedroom, perhaps its time to shop for some new furniture. We highly recommend Mr & Mrs Smith, The Couples Store at 33 Bukit Timah Road, Level 1 & 2 Unit 07, 2nd Avenue Junction (Tel: 6466 1969) They stock 9 different premium brands – Liberator (sex furniture), Karma Sutra (edible creams and lotions), Conceive Plus (pre-conception lubricant), JO (lubricant), Lover’s Choice (Games and novelties), Ophoria (bedroom toys), Bijoux Indiscrets (erotic restraints, toys and products), Phallix Glass (erotic glass art – go figure!), Intimate Organics (organic sprays, gels and oils). I thought the Liberator range was really interesting. I never imagined that bedroom furniture could be that creative (pictured above) - think role playing props, furniture in odd shapes and angles to enhance the experience. Seeing is truly believing!

Finally, if you are having real challenges, book a session with Clinical Sexologist. Martha Lee, the Founder of Eros Coaching. A professionally trained sex counseller and life coach, Martha incorporates a blend of conventional and alternative approaches to empower you to spread your wings. Expect a listening ear, informative advice and support in person or via email, skype or on the phone! Payments made via paypal, please! Find her at: Eros Coaching Pte. Ltd.

- Elaine
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Sunday, 2 August 2009

By The Way - Doggie Style!

Chart courtesy of the Hong Kong Observatory

I stopped complaining about the Singapore weather especially after I experienced Summer in Hong Kong.

Humid and horrible, its best described as being akin to being roasted in an oven and then grilled in a hotpot of disgusting heavy laden polluted air. I am definitely a cold weather fan.

This weekend was exceptionally sweltering (see above chart) at 33 degrees and I made the huge mistake of venturing out with my 4 year old for tea with some friends and of all places in Soho at Central, amidst the labyrinth of staircases and tiny restaurants out in the open.

I could feel the generous layer of BB cream on my face struggling to keep my pores closed tight, SPF sunscreen screaming "save yourself", my sunglasses brimming with the trickles of sweat that had collected on my brow and my four year old asking incessantly for aircon and water. It was a feat to be fabulicious.
From the time, I stepped off the train -- I was in complain mode and grouchy - uptil the point when this happy sight made my day!

I have to say Hong Kongers either have a sense of humour or they do truly have good hearts and love their pets very much. I trust it is both of these.

This is Dolly, my 4-year-old daughter Alexis' new found feline friend. We met her and her owner (a friendly local shop owner) on our way to tea. He said he felt so sorry for his dog that this was the only reprieve he could provide for her against the glaring heat! (Sunnies held together by a loose rubber band).

So Singaporean dog lovers (and I know there are lots out there), get inspired to make some shades for your furry friend. You can now add real heart and meaning to the term "doggy style". - Elaine
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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Binge – Lunch at Vanilla Pod

I seem to be meeting up with friends’ new husbands of late. Madam was invited to a lunch tasting at Vanilla Pod last week, hosted by my little friend’s newly acquired hubby who was representing the restaurant. Little friend J – who put together the wine list for the restaurant - was there, too, which made the company even better.

Hot and muggy outside, but it was lovely to while away the lazy hours in the air-conditioned restaurant, perched as it was on the edge of Mandai Orchid Garden. Yes, it was a long drive out there from my little warren in Siglap but well worth it. It is, after all, a destination restaurant – meaning you take the trouble to go all the way out there to the distant yonder just to eat there.

So was it worth it? Yes it was. But let me confess I have always liked Vanilla Pod since it started way back in the early 2000s. In the ensuing years when I had kinda stopped going, it apparently fell into a bit of a rut. Well, it has just relaunched itself with a new team helmed by Chef/Owner Peter Boon.

The restaurant itself is still a little higgledy-piggledy, like parts of it were added on as an afterthought. But it’s plate glass with lovely view of the orchids, greenery and open space makes up for it.

How was the food? Starters was a large crab cake which was packed a little too loosely, so everything kinda fell apart when put to the fork. Nothing incredible with the taste either – I’ll try something else next time. The mushroom soup was good, predictable but well done, so no complaints. Creamy, earthy, rich, mushroomy flavours – sometimes you just want something comfy and this was it. On to mains – the pan fried red snapper sounds like a bit of a bore, but it was surprisingly very good. Crisp skin, milky moist flesh and so flavourful, it was technically very well prepared and very enjoyable, with the rather off centre pairing of capers.

Chef Peter’s signature dish though was the pork knuckle ($25.50)– so good that it was literally sold out and he had saved the last piece for this tasting. Excellent! I’d drive there again – all 3000 miles – to have it for lunch. Crisp crackling with tender, soft, yielding pink flesh oozing gently with mellow, deliciously sublime porkiness. That’s why pigs are a favourite animal of mine. What will we do without swine? For dessert, I had the VPX ($6.80 and $2 for extra PX) a scoop of ice cream with an extra ‘life-giving’ dose of pedro ximinez, a gorgeous, unctuous, sweet Spanish fortified. Lovely!

I’ll definitely return ‘cos I think it’s perfect for a slow weekend lunch or dinner, either with family – lots of space for the kids to run in the garden – or for a girls night out. I am told that until end August, you can get the VPX for just $1 from 3pm – 5pm at the restaurant and café on weekdays. Every Thursday, a grouping of four ladies who order four main courses get a jug of sangria free! (Last notes – necessary to call ahead for the pork knuckle ‘cos it sells out fast.) - Ee Waun

200 Mandai Lake Road
Tel: 6368 0672

Watch out for my next review – The Lighthouse at Fullerton where I’ll be sharing a nice, top of the world kinda secret!
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