Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Binge - Are You A Boondock Babe?

Glamour hounds may head to the latest shops and restaurants, but the truly savvy drive out to the boondocks and suburban drags for some serious shopping. Be rewarded with cheaper prices, hard to find products and value added services not to be found in civilisation. Leg it to:

BoncafĂ© – For an amazing range of Torani syrups, frappe and smoothie mixes, Lyons dessert sauces, and coffee blends. Must buy: custom roasted, single-origin Arabica coffees ($12 - $63 per 250g bag) including Ethiopia Harrar, the original coffee, ($14) and Jamaican Blue Mountain ($63). Advance orders must be placed on Mondays for custom roasted coffee and picked up on Thurs. Call 68740126 or email for advance orders; walk in for all other products. Free delivery above $100. (208 Pandan Loop Tel: 6776 2216)

Frosts Warehouse – For pita bread, eclairs & profiteroles, cheesecake, frozen avocado, cheeses, breaded mushrooms, Akbar teas and a huge range of fruit drinks and even Caretreats (no sugar, no additives) for kids and plenty more. Prices are 10%-20% lower than shops in civilization. Must buy: individually-packed Mrs Field’s Cookies which taste absolutely superb if you warm it up in the micro. Watch out for burrata cheese which will be coming in the next few months. Free tastings and freshly made sandwiches, wraps, salads daily. Free delivery above $150. (24 Tuas Ave 12 Tel: 6862 2166)

QB Foods – For frozen pizza bases, condiments, cheese and sauces, hams, burger patties, anchovies, canned tomatoes, frozen meats including relatively cheaper pork, beef and lamb cuts, and fresh meat including Wagyu. Must buy: Johnsonville Sausages (eg. Beddar Cheddar and other flavours) at a distinct discount from shops in civilization. (8 Chin Bee Crescent)

Best Food Pte Ltd – Frozen meat heaven, with all manner of cuts including Korean beef ribs, pork collar, wagyu beef, even smoked duck breast and so much more I just can’t remember. I suspect they are the guys behind Mmmmm, the meat shop at Novena. (6 Chin Bee Crescent)

Rudi’s Fine Food – The wholesaler (and supplier to many of our luxury hotels) has no factory outlet at their warehouse but you can walk in, ask for a product list and pick out whatever you like. Get high quality hams, pate, smoked meats, sausages and friendly service. Weekdays only. (11 Chin Bee Crescent)

Tai Sun Food Industries – for all sorts of beer nuts and chips. (255 Pandan Loop)

Do you know any other great factory shops and boondock finds? Spread the love and share with the SimplyFab community. Just click the 'comment' icon and let your wisdom flow!

- Ee Waun


Adeline on 10 July 2009 at 16:05 said...

Enjoyed this week's news.
Must go to QB Foods...if only for the Beddar Cheddar sausages..
May just swop my supermarket trip this weekend for the food warehouse...

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