Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Boudoir - Nature's Viagara!

Not in the mood? Switch on the siren with some DAMIANA. Naturopath, Jean Luc Bun calls it 'nature's' turn on for lack lustre libidos.

Jean Luc recommends a herb called Turnera Diffusa a.k.a Turnera Aphrodisiaca or Damiana Aphrodisiaca - 'Damiana', for short. This herb has long been used to improve sexual function in both sexes.  Tests in 1999 via an Italian study showed increased rates of ejaculation in a group of sexually sluggish rats (could they just have been Italian stud rats? you ask). 

Well maybe, I say but they do say that the proof is in the pudding and in the US , 2 patents for this herbal formulae have been filed in the last 8 years for this herb that supposedly increases sexual response and also relieves PMS symptoms. Wow horny and not PMS-ing.  I say that scores a big A in my books!

JL Bun (B.Sc., Advanced Diploma Naturopathy, Diploma Homeopathy, Diploma Botanical Medicine, Diploma Nutrition, Diploma Remedial Medicine, Diploma Beauty Therapy, Diploma Natural Beauty Therapy, CIDESCO*)

Jean Luc's advice: "Damiana can be taken as a soothing tea, 2 to 3 times a day sweetened with a little honey and lemon peel or as a liquid extract. It has been shown to calm nerves, reduce anxiety, relieve depression, reduce blood sugar, in addition to increasing one's libido. You can also find Daimana in the form of an essential oil and it has a rich, spicy scent known to reduce stress, and get the user in the 'into the mood’."

A Bedroom Blend Recipe: "You can mix the essential oil with other favourite oils to make your own bedroom blend and a suggested blend which I really like is Damiana, Neroli, Damask Rose with just a hint of Sweet Orange to compliment the Neroli. For the macho-man, spice up the blend by leaving out the Sweet Orange essential oil and adding a bit of Cedarwood or Sandalwood. Add a few drops of this blend to some hot water over a tealight candle to add atmosphere, or give your loved one a slow massage after diluting out the blend in some good quality base oil, like Apricot Kernel oil (1 teaspoon of blend into 200ml of base oil)."

What to buy: "When buying Damiana, make sure you get the right plant, i.e. Turnera Diffusa. This plant has some similar-looking or sounding cousins which are used herbally for other conditions."

Order Online: Can't find it at your local pharmacy. Try UK Eve Taylor at

Now, go forth and make love happen.

- Elaine


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