Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Sole Support

Let’s all empathize here. You know how it is like when the kids are finally in bed, hopefully asleep and we finally get to have time to ourselves to vegetate, watch TV, read the papers or log onto the computer and catch up with work. Yes, we’re all familiar with the feeling……and of course, the silent desperation when they just don’t wanna go to sleep and you’ve got a presentation due to be finished by the end of the night for the office tomorrow.

Well, I stumbled upon a sure-fire means to get my kiddie to bed. Foot massage. Yes, tell me it’s too indulgent, spoiling the kid, spoiling the market….but believe me, darlings, this works. And no, I don’t do it all the time. Only when I’m desperate do I whip out this most potent secret weapon.

It’s easy – once I finish reading her the bedtime stories, I turn off the lights (except the nightlight), sit at her feet and do unto her little soles what I wish someone would do for mine. The best ingredient? Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Lotion which has some calming aromatherapy ingredient worked in which claims to help kiddie sleep better. I slather it on, which makes the kneading easier. And I have no particular massage technique – just press down the middle of the sole from toe to heel, then work around the heel and ankles, and the top of the feet…..and do it leisurely. It won’t work if you try to rush it through – they’ll sense your impatience. And no conversation please. She’s snoozing within 5 minutes – often even before I get to the other feet.

A friend offered another podiatric tip too. Whenever her kiddie gets the sniffles at night, she smears a layer of Vicks on her daughter’s feet at bedtime, rubs it well in, then puts on a cosy pair of socks. Seems that it stops the runny nose after a while. I have never tried it, but it’s an effective old wives’ remedy…..not that we are old wives of course! Banish the thought!

by EW


Azreen and Hafiz on 11 August 2009 at 17:17 said...

Oh yes, that vicks on the sole works. Also for coughs. And also for big feet too.

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