Thursday, 14 May 2009

Binge - Ferngrove Wine Dinner At Jim Thompson

We know that wine dinners are a dime and a dozen around town. But occasionally a unique one pops up and it deserves a second look. I couldn’t help being quite taken by the prospect of this Ferngrove Wine Dinner by TopWines and Ferngrove on 25 May, featuring Thai food and the lovely ambience at Jim Thompson. What’s more, it’d be really interesting to see how wines pair with the sweet-sour-hot, face puckering complex flavours of Thai food.
The menu features yummy dishes like minced crab and chicken with egg yolk, deepfried and served in a crab shell with chilli, tom yam goong, grilled steak with roasted garlic, shallots and tamarind sauce, green curry with chicken, green mango salad and more. The wines include Ferngrove Orchid Cossack Riesling 2007, its Karri Oak Estate Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2007, Ferngrove Orchid Kind Malbec 2007 and more.
At $88++ with seven wines and eight courses, it isn’t a bad deal in my books. Plus, Dempsey Hill on a Monday night? No crowds, lots of ambience, and a great way to deal with the Monday blues.

Monday, 25 May, 7pm
Jim Thompson @ Dempsey Hill
45 Minden Road

Email for bookings


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