Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Buys - Every Girl Loves Flowers

The next time he feels romantic and asks you to pick a gift, say you want DeLaneau flowers to be exact. Tell him that these would be the only flowers that he would ever need to buy for you!...Then let him go figure. What are these wondrous blooms?

The lotus is a powerful symbol in Eastern philosophy symbolizing rebirth, purity, peace, fertility and even enlightenment. DeLaneau’s Luckee Lotus would mean that you have hit jackpot! Yours, starting from S$90,000.

DeLaneau’s 'Magnolias' collection (from the “1608” collection) shows nature's most captivating flowers in an series of haute couture timepieces. The number '1608' refers to the number of times the new mechanical digital readout watch 'jumps' everyday in a jumping hour and minute mechanical movement. Choose from three case shapes: Amazone, Rectangular or Square Dome starting from a princely $193,000.

- Elaine


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