Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Buys - Gifts for the man who has it all!

So perhaps you are married to the man who has everything - or so he thinks. Its no cliché when we say that the only gift he should treasure is YOU because only YOU would be bothered to come up with something so strange and kinda quirky that it just suits him perfectly. Seize our list of random raves for the man who has it all:

TODS Leather Helmet
So his hell-riding days are not truly over and he still secretly dreams of buying a Harley or actually already has one parked in your spacious 4 car garage. 

You must then go out and get him this baby from TODS. The creative Italianos have come up with a leather wrapped motor-cycle helmet, with a fabric lining. We hear that expert craftsmen came together in the making of this object d’art which comes in black, white and vacchetta leather. Exclusively available only in Tod’s Hong Kong’s Landmark boutique from end of November.

BOSE Noise canceling headphones
My husband recently muttered under his breath that he wanted one of these. “A what?” I asked. “Noise-cancelling thingamajiggy” was the answer with a nose-in-the-air tone of voice that obviously meant that he did not think I would comprehend. 

Well, my babelicious friends – tell him it won’t cancel out your requests for more bling, better boudoir performances and your bitchy streak if he does not hear you right. And if he is ok with that then rush out to buy him the BOSE QuietComfort® 15 headphones that apparently reduce noise by placing microphones both inside and outside the earcup. This beauty supposedly produces better sound in almost any environment and then more effectively measures, compares and reacts to the noise – instant by instant – to produce an opposing cancellation signal. Needs just one AAA battery for 35 hours of use. You go figure. Now available at Atlas Sound And Vision in Singapore and Bose stores worldwide.

CREATIVE VADO Pocket Camcorder

I want this one for myself, really. Practical and compact, if he fancies himself a wannabe videographer than the 3rd generation Creative Vado HD™ is this year’s video must have. I own a first generation Vado and it has gone everywhere with me from Mount Fuji to the Great Wall of China. 

Its merits are it’s sleek design, stunning HD video quality and its ability to capture great video even in low light conditions. It has an external stereo microphone for better audio recording, motion detection capabilities that programme the camera to start recording as soon as motion is detected and photo capture mode. Both mac and pc compatible. Able to record upto 2 hours of recording and hold 7000 still photos. Easy to recharge with a pull out USB cable. In black and white at S$299. Available from mid December at CREATIVE Stores at International Business Park and Marina Square or online at sg.store.creative.com. Also see: sg.creative.com.

- Elaine


Anonymous said...

Ooooh! Perfect, that is what i will be asking for my birthday this year! Thanks for the tip..
I remember you filming your precious daughter and friend with it, and you were raving about it!

The Simply Fab Team on 3 December 2009 at 21:51 said...

Hi there! Yes the Vado is really the way to go! If you are a mac fan, the ipod Nano now comes with a video mode so I will also start raving about that as soon as I get one. We fabulicious women are also serious gadget girls!!

connie on 9 December 2009 at 10:35 said...

if i get the VADO, must i have a mac....can use PC??

connie on 9 December 2009 at 10:36 said...

if i get the VADO, must i also have a mac? i only have PC leh.....

The Simply Fab Team on 9 December 2009 at 11:03 said...

Hi there! Vado works great on both PC and MAC so you should have no problem at all. It saves in AVI so as long as you have that you should be cool. Best to check the Creative website that we have a link to or call them.

XX The SimplyFab Team

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