Monday, 28 December 2009

By The Way - Egyptian Exhibition at the Museum, The Largest Ever

Another Christmas is over. How were the prezzies? Mine was a little thin this year.....

So now we're taking a little break from all the partying and doing some token labouring before we hit the new year celebrations. We've done tonnes of eating and shopping and giving and air-kissing and put on some extra girth, no doubt, so perhaps a little waddle about would be good for us.

I shall potter down to the National Museum this afternoon with my kiddie for some cultural injection (there’s just so much turkey we can look at after a while) and catch the latest exhibition, Quest for Immortality – The World of Ancient Egypt which goes on from now until April 4. It’s the biggest exhibition the Singapore National Museum has brought in to date, even larger than last year’s Greek Masterpieces from the Louvre which I caught and enjoyed tremendously.

Not going to bore you with culture-vulture details, but just the nuggets of need-to-knows for the Egyptian exhibition: The 230 artefacts include Egyptian texts, sculptures and other burial relics spanning from 4000 BCE to 950 CE and it includes authentic mummies dating back to 6000 years ago - two cartonnage covers with mummies inside them, and a linen wrapped mummy. (On the right, a pic of an 'ear plug' which the women used as jewellery then. Ouch!)

As part of the exhibition, there are free guided tours, curator’s tours and many children’s workshops. Of the latter, look out for the interactive tour (13, 16, 18 & 20 March) which is enlivened by ‘tomb explorer guides’ role-played by local theatre practitioners. (For dates and workshop tix, call the SISTIC hotline at (65) 6348 5555.)

Exhibition fees: Adults $15; free for children with student passes.
National Museum of Singapore
93 Stamford Road 


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