Wednesday, 19 January 2011

By The Way - One-Of-A-Kind Stores in Hong Kong!

Here's the real deal on Retail Therapy and interesting (read 'quirky') Retail formats in Hong Kong.  

BACKSEAT SHOPPING - We hopped into a cab last week in Hong Kong and the friendly driver (and Hong Kong Taxi Drivers are rarely friendly) tried to sell us these. I guess, like the rest of space starved Hong Kong, he was fully maximising whatever selling space he had, even if it was behind his back (LOL). Can't blame the guy for trying!

BROLLY VENDING MACHINE- How about this one below - I wanted a drink at the MTR station in one of the Malls so I approached the vending machine and got an umbrella instead at HK$68. 

BOX STORE - Then there was this one (below) - people who want to sell small stuff but have no space can rent a box space in someone's store on someone's shelf. How's that for sizing down on the psf rental. 

Or this one - the STORE ON WHEELS. No longer just for ice cream, optometrists, bloodbanks and dental clinics... now the commercial folk, think Wedding Photography studios, Bridal gown shops and Skin care brands alike have been driving themselves to high traffic locations all about Hong Kong. Now that's what I call ... reaching the customer! 

- Elaine


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