Monday, 29 December 2008

Coming Your Way

What sort of content can you expect from Simply Fabulicious? 

Because we know you’re all busy women, we’ll be delivering short, relevant snippetty information which you can ‘grab and go’ with. Here are some of the topics:

Babies - Even Yummy Mummies have trials, tribulations and “aaah!” oh so sweet moments with our ‘babies’. Topics from the heart on kids and everything that revolves around parenting.

Breakaway - Travels abroad, secret trysts and luscious luscious wanderlust!

Binge - Do you do it with the waiter? On the kitchen island or propped against the bar? Doing it, eating it, and heating it all up….lick, nibble, swallow. It’s all about food, Darling! Chin Chin!

Boudoir - “Mirror Mirror on the ceiling, how do I get the earth to start shaking?” Bedroom antics, chandelier swinging, tips, toys, lingerie and men, of course.

Buys - It’s not just for the girls. Even we sophisticated ladies need therapy sometimes. Dose up on quirky finds, the latest buys, best kept secrets and services here and abroad. No excuses needed.

By the Way - Lighthearted musings, humorous anecdotes, bitching and food for thought on all the varied, wondrous, monstrous things that fall through the cracks in the pavement of life.

Bucks - We don’t offer financial advice, but let’s share a little lurve in this gloomy gloomy downturn! Blow the money or grow the money? And we want to know – exactly how far can those Birkin dollars go?!

Wins! - Yay! Readers get some candy too! Vouchers, gifts, bits and bobs and life’s little joys! Hands up, Darling, for prezzies!

Following SIMPLY FABULICIOUS ... is like entering a “girls room”, curling up on a couch, sipping on a bellini and having a good yarn with your best friend and other like-minded women. If SIMPLY FABULICIOUS was personified, she would be your best friend, the one whom you’ll go out for an afternoon of shopping with, who will share with you her new discoveries and finds, tell you a couple of cheeky secrets, make you laugh and laugh with you, sound you off on the many aspects of her life – from kids to secret trysts to travel – from the serious to the light hearted. She is ultimately someone whom you have plenty in common with, and is supremely comfortable with.

So welcome to SIMPLY FABULICIOUS and to kick start the year, the team wishes you a SIMPLY FABULICIOUS year ahead! 

PS. DON'T FORGET to sign on as a FOLLOWER of this blog .. more new posts from 1 January 2009 onwards! 


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