Monday, 22 December 2008

Just Simply Fabulicious!

Life starts at 30. And it gets even better at 40. Those who have hit the milestone know what we are talking about. It's finally a coming of age where we feel assured of who we are, and what we are. No more teenage angst, no more 20-something uncertainty and struggle to be taken seriously. We've finally reached there - Birkin bag on arm or not. 

Comfy enough to live life without excuses, roll with the punches only to spring up and take it by the horns, forgive ourselves more often, love the people around us wholly and selflessly, treat ourselves to our just desserts occasionally, and fling ourselves exuberantly, boldly, daringly at life! 

The 40s is the new 30s, and the Older Woman is at her prime. Yet I am sure we don't feel a day older than 18. Wiser, yes. More sophisticated - definitely! But not a day older, darling! 

And that's what the spirit of Simply Fabulicious is all about. It's all about celebrating life at our prime - from family and fashion to food and friendships. 

Simply Fabulicious looks like a blog but it isn't. Simply Fabulicious is a what we call a "blogazine" where you can get short, snappy reads that relate to you, but in a blog structure. Expect to see snappy, well-written articles based on proper news values, tips, and updates on what's out there in Singapore and even beyond - shopping, promotions, food, best kept secrets, sales, travel and so much more. And we will only pick the good stuff for you. We've got cheeky sections like boudoir, breakaways, babies, bucks etc... We'll occasionally have guest writers to give us different perspectives, and plans are afoot for dinky little contests and giveaways so there's real candy for you, too. 

So, welcome to SIMPLY FABULICIOUS! This is our gift to you, to your friends and all the Simply Fabulicious Women out there. It's not about age. It's about the Coming of Age. It's about attitude. A happy mindset, a strong spirit, a sense of humour, a positive perspective. It's about embracing life and all it has to offer. 

To get regular updates whenever we add news, please add yourself on our site - as a FOLLOWER! Help us pass it along to your friends if you enjoy reading it and we promise it'll be a fabulicious journey!!

The Simply Fab Team    


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