Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Beauty - The Hollywood A-Lister’s Essential Facial Is Here – At Half The Price They Pay!

Sweeties! I have seen the light! The holy grail is here. I am not a screaming Hollywood fan, but I have tried the Intraceuticals Infusion facial treatment at Grand Hyatt’s Damai Spa and it is really, I kid you not, everything it says it is. And to boot, I was ‘done’ by Madonna’s own ‘facialist’ Rachel Peck, who was here a fortnight ago to launch this wonder of wonders.

Intraceutical Infusions is apparently the latest essential skincare treatment of Hollywood stars including post-50-year-old Madonna. When Madam was invited to try it out, I was admittedly highly sceptical, expecting nothing more than slick American marketing and packaging. But I tell you, there were instant results and if Elaine didn’t stop me from posting my rather unprofessionally taken photograph, I would have wanted to show you a ‘before and after’ on each side of my face. For they did half of it first so I could compare. And what did I see at the end of the treatment? Significantly reduced eye bags and lines around my nose and mouth, lightened and more even skin tone, and firmer, plumped skin overall – the effects of deep hydration I was told.

This fancy new treatment involves a “hyperbaric oxygen therapy” which sends the serum deep into the layers of the skin. Basically the therapist applies the serum (which contains the magic ingredient hyaluronic acid) using a machine which blows a continuous and narrow jet of oxygen onto the skin – from face to neck – apparently sending the tiny molecules deep into your dermis. Ingredients in the serum aids cell growth, firms, tightens, and apparently fights ageing. Botox without the needles and any discomfort! How luscious is that?!

To make it really effective, you’re supposed to load up on the treatment once a week for the first six weeks, followed by monthly sessions to eke out its maximum potential.

So, face to face with Rachel Peck, who’s clients include A-listers like Eva Longoria and Madonna (whom she follows on tour to administer the treatment regularly!), I had to ask what was the elusive elixir to youthful skin? Aside from expensive treatments, the most essential basics she says is ultimately simple – stay out of the sun, use sunblock, use serums – load them on with abandon! She uses four of them at a go – and as far as possible, don’t use make up which she says compromises on the ‘quality of your skin’. That’s what her A-listers do, she says. (Hmmm – not sure if I’m convinced about the no make-up bit.)

Anyway, compared to the US$500 that these celebrities fork out for a 60 minute session, we on the other hand need to cough up S$240 a pop at Damai. It’s really good, and if weekly sessions are too pricey, it’s definitely worth doing it the day before a big event. Because like a good curry or tau yew bak, the effects improve over the next 2-3 days. And indeed I found it was indeed so. With faithful follow up using their take-home products, the effects though started to peter out after about nine days. Still it’s definitely worth a treat.

The Intraceutical Infusions offer a range of three targeted facials – the rejuvenate facial ($240) which hydrates and adds radiance, the opulence facial ($280) for whitening and evening out pigmentation, and atoxelene ($240), a top up treatment, which lifts and fills in the lines. A course of six sessions ranges from $1500 to $1600.

Faster go!

Damai Spa
Grand Hyatt Singapore
Tel: 6416 7156 for appointment or queries

- by Ee Waun


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