Tuesday, 30 June 2009

By The Way – Deliciously Back To School

What has the ‘Gaaarmen’ always been telling us? Lifelong learning and constant upgrading is key to success, no? Well here are some classes that caught our eye. Going back to school never sounded so good.

Learn to cook like the Chef in Black. Find out Emmanuel Stroobant’s culinary secrets and learn to cook right in his home kitchen. Every month of so, he holds small classes of up to 10, showing you how easy it to whip up gourmet food without the fancy equipment of a professional kitchen. Upcoming classes are: French Cooking with local ingredients and a visit to Smith Street Market on 17 July (9am – 2pm; $180); Spa Cuisine on 19 August (11am – 2pm; $120) and Molecular Made Easy on 16 Sept (11am – 2pm; $120). Every lesson comes with food tasting, door gift and an apron.

Tel: 64380887 to book.

Know Your Kopi. Pick up basic barista skills and knowledge at Etre Bon Gallery and Academy, Bon Café’s coffee museum and learning centre. Find out about the coffee bean, roasting and blending and of course, the exciting bits like making the perfect espresso, frothing milk like a pro, and making other espresso based drinks. ($175 per person.)
Tel: 67762216 for class schedules. 208 Pandan Loop

Swirl and Sip. Expensive palate untouched by plonk? Artisan Cellars at Palais Renaissance is offering wine appreciation lessons for all with a taste for premium wines. Even ‘up-nosed’ newbies can learn the basics here.

Only premium, quality wines from their “exquisite boutique collection” are used in each class. Start with the Flash Wine Tasting Primer ($60 nett) which features six red, white and sparkling wines, or the two-session Wine Tasting Primer ($112 nett per person), designed for wine neophytes. Splurge on super high end classes as a gift or a treat to yourself: the Burgundy Connoisseurship Redux ($445 nett) over three sessions; or The Greatest Terroirs of Burgundy (a mind blowing $2350 for a single session). It promises to be “an extraordinary experience”.
Tel: 6838 0373, or email events@artisancellars.com
- Ee Waun


Lisa said...

lurve lurve lurve Stroobant's food!

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