Saturday, 27 June 2009

By The Way - Fight Club! This One Is For The Boys!

Boys! (and girls) if you fancy some hard hitting action, then this event is definitely for you ... 16 guys and girls, 12 weeks of hard training, all beating each other up for money ... "OH YEAH!" you say!

This one is for a good cause! "SHOWDOWN Inside The Ropes" is an amateur boxing exhibition held on 18 September 2009 at the Shangri-La Hotel's Island Ballroom in Singapore.
Conducted under traditional white collar rules over 3 X 2 minute rounds, participants in this 'Fight Club'-style event range from beginners to amateurs. The spoils go to the winner's charities of choice and overall takings are in support of the Bone Marrow Donors Programme. See:

Regular folk learning to box or kick box are welcome to participate. Prior to the event, regular training sessions will be held on skills, fitness, sparring and all the other attributes required to be a competent fighter. If you think you have what it takes to step into the ring or if you know someone who does, please pass this on. Registration is at

Prefer to just sit back and watch? Book a ticket or table instead. Contact 9029 9175 or 9831 1688.

Expect an adrenaline pumping, exciting evening of good food and entertainment. And do bring your cheque books along to make a donation for a good cause towards Bone Marrow research.

NOTE: Ringside tables are selling FAST so make your reservations ASAP!
- Elaine


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