Thursday, 21 January 2010

Beauty - Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

Its hard to admit but a full head especially after 40 and all in your God-given natural shade is a tall order, especially after you hit 40! I was born in what I term the “Sunsilk generation” and I believe that your mane should be your crowning glory. Even if you lose your girlish figure, at least your gorgeous and great smelling hair should still get a head or two to turn.

So what’s a grown up girl to do with her tresses?

Prevention is better than cure so if you are losing it, try The Mane Project by Unisense Global Concepts for hair regeneration and restoration that employs a cutting edge technology called CRTS (capilliary regeneration trans-dermal system) which is non-invasive, preventing and treating hair loss. Partnering with NEXT Salon at Ion Orchard (#03-24a) for only S$168, you can enjoy a professional consultation, 3 hair and scalp analysis sessions, 3 CRTS hair regeneration treatments and 3 hair wash, blow and style sessions. Call +65 9688 9891 or email for more details.

If you are constantly touching up the greys or changing shades and want to keep that colour glowing, try Hoyu, Japan’s number one hair colour brand (think gorgeous Japanese hair that you see in the hair salon magazines). They have launched a new Promaster Color Care LX shampoo and treatment that promises to sustain the colour, gloss and freshness of your hair colour restoring it to its natural pH level of 4.5 to 5.5. Use immediately after a colour treatment and it apparently coats the hair cuticles evenly to prevent color pigments from washing off, keeping your hair colour in tip-top shape.

If you have flat limp hair, try the Promaster Stylish Line for that freely cascading waves look. Fruity and refreshingly floral.

The Promaster Rich Line is good for fly-about tresses. An effective hair-tamer this shampoo makes your hair more manageable from the roots to the ends. Alluring floral musk scent.

Hoyu Promaster Color Care LX shampoo ($34 for 200ml) and treatment ($36 for 200g) is available at Hoyu Professional partner salons. See:

- Elaine


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