Saturday, 2 January 2010

By The Way - Be Good To Yourself

While the year has not been stellar, we know we have been absolutely luscious. So as the new year beckons with its twinkling lights, stop putting yourself in third or fourth place. For next year's resolutions, make some space for yourself right alongside your kids and family in your priority list. Resolve to be good to yourself. Here are some suggestions from us at SimplyFab.

Remind your family you’re equally deserving and they’d better recognize that. Goodness knows we put the rest of the family first often enough. When’s our turn to get first digs? Wake up, girls…..You will remain unrecognized unless you toot your little sequinned horn!

Have bubbly and oysters for lunch if you have to lunch alone. Well, sometimes anyway. Why slither into a corner and shovel up your meal? Enjoy your solitude in utmost style.

Have fresh flowers at home often. There’s nothing like coming home to the scent of fresh flowers. Don’t need an occasion for that little luxury.

Buy jewellery even on a whim. No don’t go overboard, but what’s the point of working so hard when you don’t allow yourself a trinket or two? A couple of carats would be sufficient. I did it recently – first time ever – and it felt gooooood!

Matching underwear. And if you haven’t tried it by now, underwire is king.

Tell that queue jumper exactly where the queue is and go use it. Keeping quiet in such situations is misplaced politeness. In situations like these, the meek do not inherit the earth, sweetie. They just end up waiting longer and waste precious time.

Smile and thank the elderly cleaner at the hawker centre. Makes them feel good, makes you feel even better.

Get a great haircut. That the older we get, the less forgiving a mediocre haircut is. Invest some time to look for a good hairdresser and stick to him. If your current is not doing you justice, divorce him, move on and don’t turn back. This is serious. No time for sentimentalism. I did it after seven years, and my new man is fab.

Exercise….Really, earnestly, finally, once and for all! Lifestyle change and all that. Run, push ups, 10Ks, the works - no half-hearted walkies down road for coffee. The fitter and tighter you get, the better you look and feel. Once you’ve worked off that first 5kg, search through Facebook and see how fat all your ex’es have become. Now that’s sweet.

Sing in the shower. It’s really okay.

Rediscover the art of letter writing. Send thank you cards to the host after a dinner party or short letter to a friend via snail mail. Use a fountain pen and some elegant paper.

Make resolutions. It gives you something to look forward to, but it’s okay if you don’t end up keeping it. Life’s too precious to angst over the little things.

- Ee Waun


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