Sunday, 7 February 2010

Buys - Slip These On!

In my day, flip flops or Japanese slippers as they were popularly known as then were the pariah shoe and what hostelites notoriously wore roaming around campus. Today, flip flops have a new identity and a name. “Havaianas” to be exact and Havaianas (in my humble opinion) will be what Kellogs is to cornflakes and Cutex is to nail polish remover.
Forget blue and white, Havaianas are sexy Brazilian and bold bling all rolled into one. Think sexy shoes that take you not only to the beach matched with your denim cut offs and the mall with your skinny jeans but actually comfortably and stylishly to dinner paired with your maxi dress. 

Why not, especially if they have studded silver and gold mesh hand-sewn into the straps. Havaianas Metal Mesh Silver is available in White, Black and Grey, while Havaianas Metal Mesh Gold is available in Chocolate, Sand Grey, White and Black. However far from the S$8.90 price tag for the Japanese prototype, mesh and metal come at a price. Be prepared to fork out S$89.90 for a pair. Available at All Havaianas store at ION Orchard, #B2-42 and authorised retailers in Hong Kong and Asia. 

Then again if you are worried that you will strain the arches in your feet, try the latest get-fit-quick casual shoe – the Fitflop shoe that claims to tone your muscles, legs, bottom, tighten your tummy and reduce stress on joints and improve your overall posture. These were built on the MBT technology (Masai Barefoot Technology) based on a therapeutic shoe system developed for athletes and inspired by the Masai people.

Truth or dare? I hear from a girlfriend who wore them for a month that they take some getting used to as they have a curved sole and weigh a ton. Not a good idea if you are breaking them in whilst on a massive shopping spree. But pain has its pleasure and the good news is that you do get used to them. I have not got a pair yet but I admit, I am tempted.
Fit-flops are the result of a two-year collaboration between Marcia Kilgore, the woman behind the Bliss spa brand, and Dr David Cook, an expert in bio-mechanics at London's South Bank University. Kilgore wanted to invent something 'that would help fight the onset of cellulite while I was walking to the office'. With the help of Dr Cook, she devised a flip-flop that contains 'patent-pending micro-wobbleboard technology' that destabilises your usual gait, forcing your muscles to work harder. For both guys and gals, more info at

Trying is believing! Have a pair? Share the lurve and leave us a comment!


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