Thursday, 18 February 2010

Binge – Good Wife Sausage, So Not Fab!

How insulting is it to have a sausage dish called The Good Wife Sausage? If that’s a metaphor to go by, it seems that all good wives are perceived to be oversized, heavy, stuffed to the seams and basically hefty in looks and character….A size 20?

Frites, a restaurant in Hong Kong’s Queens Road Central, obviously thinks it’s a great name for its half-metre long sausage, declaring it has ‘gone through many names’ to come up with this 'brilliant' brainwave. A “simple, unembellished” dish served conventionally with a dollop of mash, brown onion sauce, it is accompanied with Kwak, an amber beer with an earthy aroma….like all ‘good wives’ perhaps? Now, I don’t know who they are married to, but whoever’s married to a ‘good wife’ who reminds them of a greasy, overstuffed, unembellished sausage doesn’t sound like they’re having much fun. No wonder they’ve got to turn to bangers, mash and beer at HKG$185 for a little bit of whoopee, poor sods.


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