Friday, 26 March 2010

Binge - Dive Into Easter!

Don’t let its tired exterior or dark car park fool you – methinks there’s a new lease of life at Hilton Singapore. Spring has sprung over yonder. They’ve got a new pastry chef installed and as it turns out, Executive Pastry Chef Christophe Grilo has got quite a few tricks up his flour-covered sleeves! Look at these crazy, quirky concoctions he’s churned out for Easter…
A bunch of eggxotic eggs for Easter…A Hole-In-One Egg for golfers, covered in green coconut grass with a hole and a white chocolate ‘golf ball’ ($25); a golden goose egg ($25) straight out from the fairy tale and a strangely sensual egg for ladies who have a thing for fur and gold. I like the easter omelette best of all – a marshmallow egg ($4) done sunny side up. Available ath the deli.

But why stop at eggs? Or the chicken coop? Might as well go the whole hog with an ‘Easter farm’ complete with a cross-gender bovine – Look! (Picture below) Horns AND udders! What’s this all about?! Sign on the times?

Easter Sunday Brunch at Checkers sounds fun too. Plenty to keep the kids occupied and happy - they get to craft their own edible egg sculptures to take home, take a swing or two at the sweets-filled Pinãta, meet the Easter Bunny (oops – quick note: big mascot. May scare some kids) and balloon sculpting at the kids corner. They get their own buffet spread, and us grown-ups are left in peace with our Louis Roederer Brut Champagne, foie gras, roasts, oysters, etc. (Brunch starts from $95++ - $160++ with free flowing bubbly. $30++ for kids 6-12 years old) Reservations are a must.

Call 6730 3390 or email for reservations

For more elegant eggs, we like this from Royal Plaza’s deli, Gourmet Carousel, all grown up choco filigree work with a high dusting of gold pixie dust ($21-$32).

Brunch at Carousel is good value, starting at $60 for non-drinkers to $108++ for free flow Duval Leroy Champagne. Highlights are roast lamb, colourful boiled eggs and a lovely old fashioned crepe suzette station (see the pretty picture?). Kids get occupied with Easter egg hunts and balloon sculptures too.

Tel: Carousel at 6589 7799 or for reservations

Then there’s easter with a difference at the Fairmont Singapore. Who says you gotta go west? Head East for Easter (Get it? East? Easter?...Okay, we thought it was pretty witty yolk anyway…oops, we mean, joke…) Szechuan Court’s rolling out two eggcellently eggxotic, egg-filled menus. Have a look: Assorted Fruits Garden Grown Salad with Sun-dried Cranberry Sauce served with Cooked Egg, Deep-fried Tiger Prawn tossed with Oven-baked Oat Cereals & Crispy Shredded Yolk, Poached Quail Egg with Sea Cucumber, Fish Cartilage served in Superior Yellow Thick Soup (we’re certain there’s an egg somewhere in there), Oven-baked Cod in Garlic Brown Sauce served with Poached Spinach (in there too), Steamed Glutinous Rice stuffed with Chicken & Salted Egg Yolk, Slow-boiled Beancurd Skin, and Barley with Snowflake Egg White Sweet Dessert. Don’t get too eggcited now! ($58++ - $68++ per person)

If that doesn’t egg you on enough, there’s dim sum at $32++ and $16++ for kids 6 - 12yrs. These kids also get Easter-inspired desserts, pastries, chocolate eggs and there’s even an easter egg painting area.

Tel: 6431 6156 or email: for reservations


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