Thursday, 18 March 2010

Binge - Say OiO For Premium Yo!

Are we all flocking to Sentosa in such hoardes that we have forgotten that dinky little mall called Vivocity on the other side of the enchanted causeway? Even while all eyes at on Universal Studios, we discovered a cute little cafĂ© that serves up inspired yoghurt. It’s not ice cream, but just as good; plus it’s healthy and good for you, so you don’t have to angst over fat content and what it could do to your waistline. OiO (pronounced ‘oh-yo’) Frozen Yoghurt comes in ‘OiO-ginal swirl’, Pomegranate flavour, and an OiOtwist which is basically the two flavours swirled into one serving, and weekly additions of flavours. If you don’t like your ‘yo’ unembellished, there are 15 choices of wet and dry toppings like cereals and fruits. OiO comes in regular or large sizes from $6 upwards served in a swanky black cup. Toppings are $1 each. No it’s not cheap, but it’s supposed to be premium goods. And remember, yoghurt is also great for your plumbing with good live bacteria – which, by the way, survive the freezing process to fight another constipation!

VivoCity, #01-159

Tel: 6376 8350


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