Thursday, 9 September 2010

Breakaway and Buys - Explore Europe Village Chic Outlet Shopping@!

Here's something new for the fabubuliciously jaded 'Euro-traveller'. When planning your next European breakaway to London, Dublin, Madrid, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Munich, Milan, Paris, Brussels or Maastricht, make sure that you detour from the city's main high streets and instead book a Chic Outlet Shopping@ adventure on board their Shopping Express to one of the city's outlying villages. 
What is this? The Chic Outlet Shopping@ adventure basically has a luxury shuttle service that brings shoppers from the heart of all the above European cities to each of the nine corresponding Chic Outlet Shopping® Villages in partnership with some of Europe’s leading travel excursion operators. In short, you get to enjoy a relatively inexpensive ride in luxurious comfort to an idillyic village that you would normally never venture to, passing by some of the most scenic countryside and best of all when you get there, you get outlet shopping at its 'bestest'.

Word has it that these luxury outlet Villages have become the new style hot-spots for savvy shoppers from around the globe, and have become tourist destinations in their own right. Each Village is located no more than an hour outside of a major European city, and has been designed to reflect the charm and sophisticated ambience of the region in which it lies. Elegantly appointed boutiques from a constantly evolving selection of the finest international designer brands, mixed with niche European collections and prices reduced by up to 60% and sometimes more off the recommended retail price, all year round, combined with restaurants and caf├ęs serving local cuisine make for a perfect day out and a little escapism from the urban pace of the city.

Book your Shopping Express tickets at, 48 hours prior to departure (with the flexibility to amend a booking also up to 48 hours prior to departure as well).

What's available: 
Bicester Village® London
Kildare Village® Dublin
La Vallee Village® Paris
Las Rozas Village® Madrid
La Roca Village® Barcelona
Fidenza Village® Milan
Maasmechelen Village® Brussels
Wertheim Village® Frankfurt
Ingolstadt Village® Munich

- Elaine


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