Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Bytes - Bose® launches new Home Entertainment System!

I remember the late 90s when everyone I know was rushing to buy Bose's space-saving jewel cube speakers in favour of the big bulky ghetto blaster speakers. Well quality lasts and after a decade, the tiny jewel cubes have proven to be gems as they are still around and have been updated and integrated into the new range of home entertainment options that Bose has just launched as their new Lifestyle® V-Class® series.

The new series has a new Unify™ intelligent integration system − a breakthrough technology that overcomes much of the growing complexity of setting up and using home entertainment systems. It allows you to watch your favourite movies, music, and television shows in high-definition visual and sound quality, seamlessly with only one remote! The system is able to detect new connections and alert the user if the equipment is not attached properly and presented in a simple and fool-proof manner, this allows even first-time home entertainment system owners to follow and set up successfully.

The Lifestyle® universal remote control is in itself a sophisticated device that helps to connect all the various devices and features a two-line display on the remote that allows users to see what radio station or iPod song is playing without the need to turn on the TV. Simply aim the remote at the Lifestyle® system’s console, follow the onscreen instructions and the Unify™ technology will automatically program the Lifestyle® remote to operate the source.

Expect crystal clear sound that can be callibrated to the size, shape and furnishings of any room, providing greater freedom for speaker placement, ensuring the best sound quality for the room. There are six high-definition (HD) inputs including four HDMI and two component inputs, a built-in AM/FM tuner, a dock for iPod®, Videostage® 5 decoding circuitry, video upscaling (even to 1080p over HDMI), Digital Dynamic Range® compression circuitry and active stabilization.

The Bose® Lifestyle® V25 is available at S$5299 and the V35 at S$6899 from Atlas Sound and Vision. See: www.atlas-experience.com.

- Elaine


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