Monday, 13 September 2010

Buys - Simply Fab Fashion Picks from TOPSHOP

Living in Hong Kong has its fashion advantages - one of them being that I get to see the trends come and go faster than the rest of Asia (with the exception of Japan). If its a trend the street stores here will have it reproduced and sold in multiples of a thousand before they even hit the high street stores as lets face it - with China at our doorstep, what's not duplicated and put together over night at a fraction of the cost in the people's republic, these days? 

In the next two weeks, my plan is to share my pick of wearables and interesting pieces from  various brands and show you some of their key looks for Autumn/Winter this year. Starting with TOPSHOP!!

According to the style maestros at TOPSHOP, there are 3 main looks in their collection, this season.

(which takes the best of British heritage pieces from sports like fishing, horse riding and hunting deconstructed with a modern feel)

(inspired by fur, bondage, patchwork, a dishevelled look that still appeal to style) 

(taking inspiration from the dark ages, think black with studs, chain mail and embellishments).  

MY PERSONAL PICKS FROM TOP SHOP? I picked some of my favourites that I would probably invest in this season: 

Frayed jeans (from their OUTSIDER Collection) - from bell bottoms to skinny or drain pipe, wear them frayed. I call this the "slasher" look - and its everywhere this season. The more frays you have, the cooler your legs are (literally). Lucky for me, Hong Kong's Winters are at most mild or those knees might freeze! 

Skimpy Shorts (from their OUTSIDER collection) - get this season's Gilligan's island or LOST look - where your shorts look like you have worn them to death and they are skimpy, fraying. Make sure your panties are nice or if you have one too many folds, wear them over tight fit leggings for that carefully layered look. 
Grecian style dress - (from the OUT OF THE WILD collection) this is soft, flowy and romantic with some nice details - the romantic look prevails this season and with soft flowy tops both short and long and one-piece dresses made of georgette and chiffon with lots of detail in front paired with knit vests in cream, black and white that will keep you fashionable but never really warm. 

Aviator short cropped jacket (the OUTSIDERS collection) - this carries through from '09 into this Winter in more variations and colours. Say what you will, but the matrix long is out this season and short is no doubt very much in! Plus I have been looking for one of these forever. 

Beaded shoe (from the OUT OF THE WILD collection) I thought that the beads and embellishments would march out with the peep toe boots and the Steve Madden gladiators but instead the beads have migrated from sandal to sneaker and the stores here are filled with look alikes to this. 

BGoodbye Pashminas and Hello twisted knit wrap. These make their debut this season to warm up your evenings. 

Black dress (from the Dark Noveau collection) - I love the shoulder detail - perfect with a pair of tights and will draw attention to your shoulders instead of your flabby mid-drift (pardon me - I mean, MY flabby mid-drift)

Pictures courtesy of TOP SHOP, from their Autumn Winter 2010 collection. Currently available at all their stores in Asia. 

- Elaine


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