Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Boudoir - Pack him off to the "MAN Academy!"

So here is a funny one from Hong Kong .. where male bonding a.k.a networking has taken a new twist. No more beer and pool boys nights out for the Martians amongst us, instead male bonding in Hong Kong comes in the form of the "MAN Academy" where according to organisers, 25 guys eagerly attended Hong Kong's very first MAN Academy last Saturday, November 13th.

The half day event had the guys attend insightful, short seminars where experts from Circuit 25 and The Body Group gave tips about how to stay fit and eat healthy with a 14 hour work day before the Head Tailor behind Moustache discussed fashion styles and what to watch out for when tailoring a suit. 

Sexpert Sara from Passionately Yours presented everything men ever wanted to know about pleasure and sex (I would love to know what she is holding in her hand ? ) and wine connoisseur Dean Aslin from Saveurs shared his knowledge about wine tasting and matching. Finally Gibson Chan from the host venue, Hush let the participants in on molecular cocktail mixing. And for their bravado, the 25 left with "MAN Academy" Certificates.

Organised by , Hong Kong's first and only free daily email lifestyle tip for guys, the website looks for hidden gems, and wires subscribers to the city's pulse and everything hip by delivering a short yet meaty tip a day that distills the best of dining, nightlife, gadgets, services, fashion, leisure and travel.

In my SIMPLYFAB opinion, the next session for him should focus on housekeeping, babysitting, groceries, setting up a hot bubble bath, how to give a great massage and delightful foot rubs for me when I get back from an all-nighter of drinky poos with the girls -  now that would really make my day! 

- Elaine


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