Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Buys - Vamp(ire) is IN ?!?

Vamp is IN! That's what I conclude that the media is saying to us. Being a vamp(ire) seems suddenly fashionable these days. Turn on the telly and you get vamps coming everywhere at you from ... the magazines have caught on and what do you know, even the fashion houses are into it? And we thought Halloween was over.. 

True Blood (fairy waitress dates vampire)

Vampire Diairies (doppleganger teenage girl dates vampire)

Twilight series (brooding teenage girl marries vampire and has vampire baby and then becomes one herself)

Moonlight (dishy vampire turns detective)

Bloodties (vampire from Henry the 8th's bloodline falls in love with girl detective)

The Gates (modern day vampires and other supernatural folk living within a gated community) .. the permutations are endless.  

Even America's Top Models are in on the blood bath. 

And the fashion brands.... well seeing is believing, you tell me, which of these pictures don't look like the walking dead touting the latest togs. 

I was walking around in Hong Kong yesterday afternoon looking at the billboards and it struck me - the dead look better than the living! LOL! Go figure! 

In case you are wondering this is Madonna for Louis Vuitton. 

Prada vamps? Cup of blood anyone? 

- Elaine


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