Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Beauty - Must-have Miracle Masks!

How did we do it? When I was in my 20s, I partied all night, smoked like a chimney, drank like a fish and yet the next morning woke up with skin still reasonably fresh, eyes dewy and body all ready to go.. yes, you say.. its youth. Would you be shocked if I tell you that the fountain of youth might still exist and if you don't look, you can't find. So here is a fabulicious secret which I urge you to try and tell me what you think. 

I have to credit my beauty store junkie friend Connie for these two fabulicious finds. She reads, buys and tries and I trawl the stores with her in Hong Kong, happily experimenting with her. Which brings me to these two great products - both masques that you must and I mean MUST, absolutely, BUY! 

SKIN BIOTICS Nano Gold Turnaround Mask with 8 hour collagen renewal is sold in Mannings in Hong Kong and presumably at Guardian in Singapore as the chain are one and the same. This awesome product (now on offer at HK$269) is my new 'swear-by' product and I use it almost every alternate night especially after I have had one late night, too many, which these days is often enough. 

How to use: Apply a thin layer (about the size of a HK or SG dollar coin) on to the surface of your freshly cleaned face just before you go to bed.  You can even spread it onto your neck area and leave it. 

Wake up the next morning and I guarantee that the crows feet, open pores, tired wrinkles, panda eyes are mysteriously GONE! Your skin will look baby fresh, dewy just as if you woke up from a long refreshing nap. You will notice a thin gel like layer forming over your skin which I assume is the collagen at work renewing and regenerating new skin cells. 

METHODE SWISS Thermal Oxygen Overnight Moisture Mask is available at Sa-Sa in Singapore and Hong Kong. I got mine for HK$300+ here in Hong Kong with equally good effects. This leave-on mask contains, coral, seaweed, algae, plankton and sea fennel and Swiss thermal water which soaks into the skin giving it advanced moisture instantly improving your appearance. Within 4 weeks, the product promises a more radiant and revitalised complexion.

How to use: As with the Skin Biotics mask, clean face and neck and use the same amount (dollar coin size) of the product which is white with blue grainy bits which are actually Vitamin A and E which are absorbed into the skin on application. Do this just before going to bed. Wake up and voila! Now go try!!! 

- Elaine


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