Thursday, 30 December 2010

Boudoir – 5 Must-Do Resolutions for 2011

If you’re guilty, it’s time to wake up and smell the roses. Don’t start 2011 in continued blandness, mulching around in dowdy 'mummy jeans', encased in proper, housewifely blahdom and believing in those perpetual excuses that you’re too busy, too sensible, too practical, etc…If you’re in danger of being called ‘sensible’ (horrors!) or ‘proper’ (eek!) – adjectives completely bereft of any sex appeal – you know it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and sizzle up. You don’t need to buy the leather teddy just yet – baby steps can do wonders. Here’s SimplyFab’s suggested MUST DO resolutions for 2011. Do yourself a favour and …

Groom those eyebrows! – Not just for mono- madams but every woman out there beyond the age of 20. Few things are more sexless than a bushy brow on a woman, so pluck it pur-leeaase! On the other hand, if you’re a little sparse, pencil it in. In every sex goddess is a well groomed brow. Be kind to the world and just do it, sweetie.

Shave, for heaven’s sake – Yes, we’re still on follicles but this really needs to be said. You may not see it, but believe me, the rest of the world can certainly see the forest for the trees….even when you’re in short sleeves and so especially when you wave goodbye. Is that the lasting impression you want us to have? Save us from the gag fest please, and shave.

Forget ‘sensible’ shoes – Are you waiting to turn 60 before you put on those lustworthy, three-inch, bondage killer heels? Are you just going to spend the rest of your divine, womanly life lusting after these great gifts from God but walk away and say, “Nah – that’s not for me”? How’s this for an epiphany: Sensible shoes can wait – we’ll have plenty of silver time to get orthopedically oriented, ok?

Sex up the ordinary – You may be a mommy, a respectable girl or you want to be taken seriously – and we are all that – but that’s no reason to put on the tent, the shapeless clothes and be boringly prim. Sex up, for goodness sake. Better your body, get clothes that va-va-voomingly flatter, wear heels and steam up even the ordinary for a bit - in good, stylish taste, of course. Flirt a little, smile at the guys, by all means peruse the menu – just make sure you eat at home.

Slim down and get fit – Really! You might as well start today. We want to be fabulicious, not flabulicious and write endlessly about body love and shallow men. Let’s not kid ourselves that flab is sexy – it’s not. Go running, swimming, whatever – when you’re fitter, you look better, you can buy anything knowing it looks great on you, and you won’t bulge through the little holes in your lingerie (ewww…!). And we haven’t even got round to the countless health benefits yet! This one resolution I totally have to do. Join me on the running track?
- Ee Waun

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