Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Buys – Presents Perfect for The Teenage Girl

The great thing about Christmas is that we can all indulge in deep vein retail therapy without guilt. After all, the season is all about gifting…which means the perfect reason to shop! With a pre-teen in my life, I realise gifts for her (on significant occasions) can either take the form of a transient thing that will give her some fun for the moment, or a prezzie that's a little more meaningful and grown up which she can use or even take with her into adulthood, as a keepsake. After all, we all know that girls grow up to appreciate their moms lots more when they’re adults we did! So here's what caught my eye recently....

If your daughter is the sweet girlie sort, this pretty butterfly necklace is just the thing – she can carry it off, but goodness knows I can’t! 18K Rose and White Gold Diamond necklace with Pink Sapphires (S$598). If she’s an easy going chickadee, how about this pretty 18K White Gold Diamond flower pendant (above, S$238)? And if there's a boho baby in the making, these quirky bracelets (top) – An 18K White Gold Diamond Flower bracelet (S$258) and 18K Rose Gold Diamond butterfly bracelet (S$298)- may just be the finishing touch for her. From Tianpo shops in Singapore.

If you couldn't come up with excuse earlier, now's the time to buy something from Tiffany! The ever-so-chic store is holding its ‘Blue Bird Fairy Tale’ Christmas charity drive from now until Christmas Day. Buy something from the store, and pick up a specially designed Blue Bird gift tag at $10 to raise funds for the Straits Times Pocket Money Fund. What to get? How about these funky, lustworthy ‘Return to Tiffany’ diamond heart tag bracelets or pendants engraved on 18 karat white, yellow or rose gold are irresistibly clever – not just for its edgy style but it’s less-than-subtle marketing ploy, suggesting that people should return to Tiffany for wickedly tasty bling! Not cheap at $1400, but they are undeniably gorgeous. We want one oursleves, and for the teenybopper in your life, it'll definitely blast her out of her acne-filled angst for the season! 
Photo Credit: © Tiffany and Co.

If in any doubt though, get a watch. Not too expensive, always useful. Love the latest Casio SHEEN range, with their whimsical star-shaped ornaments and rhinestones for a bit of teenage bling. The SHN-5510, in stainless steel (S$327) or red leather band (S$277), features a decorative face design inlayed with rhinestones in star-shaped patterns, and a tiny star inside a small window shaped like the trail of a falling star. So it's not something that'll last forever, but it's very practical, and a bit of gorgeousness on a budget.

- Ee Waun


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