Thursday, 17 February 2011

Beauty - Extreme Blotting

Blotting paper is just blotting paper, right? It’s got as much glam potential as a sink stopper right? WRONG!

Tatcha aburatorigami is affordable luxury at its most extreme. It blows the mind how something as mundane as a little pieces of paper to blot our your facial sebum can be made into an item of coveted luxury. But here it is – delicate little squares of finest grade abaca leaf flecked with gold! The abaca leaf is apparently very strong, yet super soft and offers mega absorbency to lift off excess shine. Handmade in Japan, fragrance- and powder-free, with no animal testing involved, it is blots without disturbing your make up.

Why do we absolutely need this? Its soft, ‘plant-like texture’ means we don’t need to fiddle with stiff, scratchy cheap blotting paper that looks more like baking paper; and for a touch of frou-frou, it’s a little ‘Geisha’ beauty legacy. Apparently, these ladies discovered that the handmade paper used by gold artisans to protect the metal as they hammered it into thin leaves, was great for taking oil off delicate skin. And so the rest is history, as they often say.

The gold doesn’t flake out on your face, we are assured – but that’s a shame isn’t it? A little too precious just to blot and toss. Post-blotting art and craft, anyone?

S$15.60 for a packet of 30 sheets
Pure Tincture Simple Organic Beauty Boutique
1 Raffles Place #04-22B


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