Sunday, 20 February 2011

Beauty - Make-Up Tutorials Online

The beauty junkie in me has been having huge fun with make up in the last few weeks. I have been investing in white eye liner, a neutral shade lip liner, a new set of makeup brushes and skin primer and it is all because I recently discovered Michelle Phan and her truly fab online tutorials which are free and just too good not to share.

There is nothing that I like more than to experiment with different looks so bored, jaded and totally tired of what I call my 2010 'look', I decided one late night in October last year to trawl You Tube to get some ideas for a variation of those stunning smokey eyes that you see only in magazines but can never quite replicate in real life, by yourself.

That's when I stumbled upon Michelle Phan. Youthful, doe-eyed, fresh faced and extremely entrepreneurial, this up and coming makeup artist with the Disney princess voice has over one million subscribers and is one of You Tube's hottest exports with a sponsorship by Lancome and her own line of make-up brushes and accessories. She also has what I consider some of the best tips that I have found on-line or anywhere to date, from how to experiment with different looks to how to clean your makeup brushes and properly dry and store them.

So if you are looking for simple, clear and easy to follow instructions then her snappy made-at-home videos which are actually quite professionally put together by her are worth checking out. Just to save you some time trawling through her 100 over You Tube tutorials, here are some of my favourite 'how-tos' for:

Dewy Skin and Polished Eyes for a Simple and Clean look:

Seductive Smokey Eyes:

Club Night out:

How to clean your makeup brushes properly:

And if those don't keep you sufficiently entertained, her friend Chriselle, a US based fashion stylist has great tips on what to wear and how. My recent favourite is 7 different ways to wear a scarf as it is still relatively cool in Hong Kong. At 12 degrees celcius this week - this is perfect scarf weather indeed! See:

- Elaine


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