Thursday, 12 March 2009

Gurgle, Sweat and B-Urn

How far could one go to be energized, detoxed and refreshed, while burning up calories in the process? Quite a distance -- without moving an inch -- we discovered, upon checking out the new ORP experience.
Last week, I sweated buckets without lifting a finger. It took only half an hour at the Leonard Drake Skincare and Health Spa at West Coast Plaza, where I was trying out their new ‘toy,’ the ORP Energy Therapy treatment – the first in Singapore, apparently. The ORP promises a cornucopia of wellness treats: It reduces your wrinkles, energizes your body, neutralizes antioxidants, eliminates toxins, boosts your immunity, burns up calories and much more…in fact, it does practically everything except send the kids to school. I wanted a piece of the action!

So there I was, perched on a towel-draped stool in an oversized urn in semi-darkness, almost completely starkers save for the extra-puffy disposable undies, shower cap on head and feet shoved into rubber slippers. Only my head stuck out, my modesty maintained only by two towels draped across the mouth of the XXL jar. Nothing kinky about the experience. The urn itself is lined with volcanic rocks from Mount Fuji, no less, and from the floor of the ‘energy chamber’, steam gurgled up at regular intervals.

Can’t read. Can’t phone. Can’t text. Can’t e-mail. All I could was stare fixedly at the wall thermostat, as the temperature went up, up, up with every gurgle -- from 40C, slowly and surely, to 45C. The steam emanating from the floor was hot enough to send my slippered feet scrambling onto the edge of my seat. Thus, in ungainly foetal position, I steamed and sweated it out, and waited with bated breath each time the gurgling began again.

One has lots of time to think in such situations. Sitting captive in the semi-darkness, I realized a few things: That a sense of humour came in quite handy during life’s inexplicable moments; that the word ‘r-u-n’ jumbled up spelt ‘u-r-n’; that at least I my head was free even though it was sticking out of the urn; and that it’s best to have my ashes cast to the wind after I have ventured onto the Great Beyond. Spending eternity in an urn much smaller than this one just didn’t sound too comfy or befitting a fabulicious life lived.

Before I became delirious dwelling on such matters, the therapist appeared and declared the session over. Relief! I scampered out, towel around torso, drenched and dripping in sweat and steam. You could work up a sweat without moving an inch – hah!

But there was no lovely cold shower to be had. Too dramatic a change in temperature, I was told. Just a rub down in the changing room and off I went.

How did I feel after a turn in the urn? Surprisingly light on my feet and exceedingly refreshed, after all that motionless exertion in the urn. My skin felt softer, smoother and a lot more taut. Fewer wrinkles, perhaps? And yes, strangely and quite thoroughly energized indeed!

by ew

check it out:
Leonard Drake Skincare & Health Spa
West Coast Plaza
Tel: (65) 6777-9618
(The ORP is available only at the West Coast outlet)


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