Thursday, 12 March 2009

THIS WEEKEND - Beijing Blockbuster and Fantastic Creatures

Beijing Blockbuster 
There’s a buzz in the air. Something big is headed this way. Sound the gongs and blow the Horn Resounding. The Kangxi Emperor: Treasures from The Forbidden City – the first blockbuster exhibition in Singapore this year, opens tomorrow 13 March, Friday, at the Asian Civilisations Museum.

Priceless imperial treasures from Beijing’s Palace Museum will be on show, highlighting various aspects of the Kangxi Emperor and giving visitors a rare glimpse into the Forbidden City.

Hailed as one of China's greatest emperors, the Kangxi Emperor, Xuan Ye, succeeded his father, Emperor Shunzhi, at the tender age of eight. Under his reign (1662 –1722), the Manchus consolidated their rule over China and the Chinese empire expanded in an era of prosperity. Xuan Ye’s uninterrupted; 61-year rule makes him the longest reigning emperor in Chinese history, in which the country enjoyed a period of relative stability and wealth after years of war and strife.

The legendary emperor was a deft multi-tasker. Not only was he a man of action – a skilled archer, a shrewd general and clever politician who reunited China after the fall of the Ming dynasty – he was also an accomplished poet, calligrapher and supporter of the arts. A real renaissance man in this day and age. 

Most of the artefacts on show have not been seen in Southeast Asia, and some have not been out of China. The items aim to give viewers a glimpse of the emperor’s interests and his life in the Forbidden City. Among the highlights are his ceremonial armour and helmet: the helmet is decorated with pearls and dragons in gold filigree with Buddhist texts written in Sanskrit, while the armour’s padded segments are fastened by gold loops and buttons. 

Admission charges apply ($8 for adults; free for children aged six and below). The exhibition takes place at the Special Exhibitions Gallery and runs until 14 June. 

Amazing Animals Aplenty!
Also on at the ACM, something that will enthrall young visitors: Fantastic Creatures!, an exciting safari of mythical animals from all over Asia. Curated specially for children, this exhibition which runs until 12 July, introduces children to the symbolism of some of the weird and wonderful creatures from the museum's collection.

Expect a host of colourful delights ranging from fabulous flyers and mythical monsters, to watery wonders like the Makara – an animal made up of parts from a crocodile, elephant, fish and goat. Plus, see if anyone can spot the oldest artefact in this exhibition – a Chinese winged dragon that is more than 2,000 years old!

All wonderful stuff seen through the eyes of a child. Perfect for the young and young at heart. 

The ‘Fantastic Creatures!’ exhibition is held at the Shaw Foundation Foyer and admission is free.

Asian Civilisations Museum
1 Empress Place
Tel: (65) 6332 7798


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