Friday, 28 August 2009

Binge - More Moon (cakes) Rising

Tropical Mooning
Are you an exotic rainforest native girl or closet tropical beach bunny deep inside? Fin expression at your next ‘shang yueh’ party. Let the beasts bay at the moon. We shall indulge in wild tropical morsels, which I suspect may be quite nice with the tropical inspired cocktails – mango margarita maybe? What am I talking about? Goodwood Park Hotel’s snowskin mooncakes. They’re perfectly chi-chi with their local fruity flavours – snowskin mooncake with soursop puree and pulp; D24 durian mooncake with hefty in-your-face durian paste, or a more delicate chempedak mooncake. And something we mentioned last week, their ‘ximilu’ dessert-inspired mooncake filled with mango puree, mango cubes and pomelo sac. Wild! But I suspect these mooncakes work because they’re not over-the-top madly crazy. A box of four containing one each of these mooncakes go for $44; or you can pick up the flavours you like, priced between $22 - $26 (for two). Available from The Deli from now until 3 October.

Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road,
Tel: 6730 1867/1868
Marco Polo and His Torta

First Marco Polo potters over the China and claims our mee, kway teow, wonton and mee pok as pasta. Now COVA Pasticceria, that Italian haven of deliciousness ensconced in tai-tai paradise, Paragon, has announced the Torta Della Luna - or Cake of the Moon. Sacrilege! Four flavours - the Rose & Vanilla Sponge combines vanilla sponge cake with chocolate and pastry cream in rose-scented snowskin, and the Peanut & Chocolate Sponge, looking suspiciously like mee chian kueh, is chocolate sponge cake layered with chocolate feuillentine (a fancy name for chocolate cream mixed with cereal), peanut butter cream and chopped peanuts. There’s also Chocolate and Lotus Seed Paste which is a lotus seed paste mooncake with a dark chocolate ganache centre, and mango and Lotus Seed Paste, with mango ganache centre ($36 for a box of 4). Granted they do sound quite yummy, and I will be inclined to try….But calling it Torta Della Luna? Now that’s a little hard to swallow. (Available until 28 August - 3 Oct)

290 Orchard Road
#01-20A Paragon
Tel: 6733 0777


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