Thursday, 27 August 2009

By The Way - You 'oughta' HOTA

A thick yellow leaftlet with the Human Organ Transplant Act just arrived in the mail in the same batch as my reminder for my NTUC Income insurance renewal for my Basic Elder Shield Plan.

Yes, its sad to think that at Fabulicious Forty, I am considered an Elder? Shudder!! Isn't there a saying that "Life begins at 40!!" New copywriter needed at MOH, desperately!

I digress from my original point which was to share this important revelation: "Did you know that in Singapore, you really 'oughta' HOTA (donate your organs, yes all of the working ones, that is) and dare I say it is 'strongly suggested' that you do - even though you can opt out using the pink slip found at the end of the HOTA booklet.

The part to remember is that if you are from 21 to 60, if you don't 'HOTA', you 'oughta' start worrying cos if you find yourself (God forbid) in the queue for an organ transplant (in the unforsee-able future), it is clearly stated in point 4 of the letter that comes with the booklet that you will most definitely be assigned a "lower priority" on the specific organ transplant waiting list, should you opt out.

Scary thought! So, I guess I 'oughta' HOTA- what about you? Certainly food for thought for me this week!

Details at:

- Elaine


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