Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Binge – Lubricants for the Ladies

Naughty Naughty! We are talking about wines, girls, – proper and polite ones for that matter!

As it draws closer to Christmas time, Madam recently discovered some lovely libations for the festivities. Mind you, while I’m mainly a food writer and not a wine expert, I drink a fair bit and these darlings stood out in my amateur opinion. If you are planning to buy a few bottles to share with the girls or stock up for the parties, here are my discoveries. In keeping with the season, they are happily all red in hue. Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with techy sounding tasting notes (snore!):

Zaccagnini Montepulciano Cerasuolo ($45) – Yes, it’s a long name. Just remember Cerasuolo then. It’s a playful Italian rose, gently fizzy, nicely crisp to a point and elegant, despite its girlish good looks. It’s aromatic, fruity and fresh, lots of strawberry and cherry flavours, but don’t worry – it is also dry with a strong supple structure like a SimplyFab woman with Michelle Obama arms! (Us, Darlings, us!) Pour it out and it’s a bright festive cherry colour. You can identify it by the little twig on its neck – it came from the very vine from which the grapes were picked! – and the red and blue curly words on the label. Made from Montepulciano d’Abruzzo grapes. Nice paired with a spa pedicure on a hot afternoon, or with Peking Duck – cuts through the fat.

Plaisir Passito Bianco ($62) – Also from Zaccagnini, this is a very aromatic yet gently sweet wine of Muscat, rather honeyed and smooth. Don’t worry – it doesn’t have the throat throttling, suffocating, cloying sweetness that some dessert wines have because it has some crisp acidity at the back. Recognise it by the fat white dove on the label. Nice in measured quantities, and lovely with lychee sorbet and grass jelly, perhaps even ice kachang. Bring along to your nearest dessert stall for a touch of class.

Peter Rumball Sparkling Merlot ($48) – What’s festive without the fizzy? I like a sparkly red sometimes, a bit of a change from Champagne….less snob appeal and maybe more fun. Peter Rumball is an Australian label specializing in sparkling reds. I tried the merlot not long ago and its really very enjoyable, all nice and round and big and fruity and berry and fizz, fizz, fizz! Just as a point of reference, it was the Best Sparkling Red in the 2006 Boutique Winemakers of Australia Wine Show. I like, and am about to order a few more bottles. They do a Shiraz as well which is just as lovely.

Marabino Archimide ($65) - Okay, so you have a mature, sophisticated hottie that you want to seduce with your impeccable taste. You whip up an impressive dinner complete with wagyu steak, put on your 4-inch, F-me, bondage shoes, fitting scarlet-lady dress, and other bits and pieces and you’re ready to do your thing. What lubricant? I suggest the Archimede, and not simply because you can share it in the bath just like its namesake. For this wine is voluptuous, sexy, bursting with blackcurrants, curvaceous and rounded. Its bouquet is peppery, vanilla and spicy, while being velvety smooth on the tongue. This darling is exotic, va-va-voom and intense, like a  roll in the hay with your man. How to resist?
These wines are available for retail only from 
Top Wines
33 Tembeling Road
Tel: 6468 4866

By the way, a point of interest: Top Wines is one of the leading wine distributors in Singapore and it's owned and run completely by women. How fabulicious is that! Check out their massive range of wines from both new and old world. Good gems in there.

- Ee Waun
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