Tuesday, 20 October 2009

RED (and white) ALERT! 10 Weeks to Christmas with The SimplyFab Gift Guide

Scream! "We are officially 10 weeks away from Christmas!!"

Which means that you actually have a choice

i. to start planning your list and checking it twice 


ii. scrambling like you do every year, in the two weekends before! 

Starting from this week, look out for our 10-week long gift guide with what's new out there. We hope that it will help you put some bounty in your basket as you play Santa for the year.

Like the ideas or have a new one to share? Please post a comment. Or rate the post - FUNNY, INTERESTING or COOL by ticking one of the boxes below each post. 

Felice Navidad! 

The SimplyFab Team 


Anonymous said...

Be nice if we could put a check on the items we like and the information can be viewed by our partners as a 'wishlist'. :) Buying online will be an extra bonus!!!

The Simply Fab Team on 27 October 2009 at 23:41 said...

Yes we think its a great idea too! If only there was a link like that - we would be the next coolest thing to ebay! XXX

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