Friday, 6 November 2009

Binge - Gourmet Christmas Takeaways Part 1

It's now already Week 8 in our countdown and time to step up the momentum! And the key to Christmas bliss is to plan ahead. 

Happily for all of us, Madam has been inundated with press releases (thanks, ladies!) from Singapore’s top end hotels and restaurants, announcing all the luscious Christmas goodies they have in store for us! So turn on the Christmas carols, and take notes while I spill the gilded beans waaay before the newspapers do. Remember, you got the news from SimplyFab first!

Meritus Mandarin Singapore – I like the unabashed indulgence of their list: Roasted kurobuta pork rack (1.5 kg for $150), Roasted Stuffed Lamb Leg stuffed with wild grain and dried fruits ($158 for 2.5kg) and Premium Australian Roasted Wagyu Beef with a Marbling Score of M9+ (2 kg for $550, pictured left). The marbling score is important ‘cos the higher the score, the better and more delicious the meat. It is a measure of the fat that is ‘marbled’ in the meat. I understand that the highest marbling score for Aussie wagyu is 9, and for Japanese wagyu, it’s 12. For dessert, they’ve got a dark chocolate and wild cherry yule log and a lychee martini yule log (both $58 per 1kg). But what I want is the Valrhona chocolate fruit cake with macadamia nuts ($78). Yum!! From now til 1 Jan 2010.….Psst…By the way, Chatterbox has been re-opened and continues to serve up its famous chicken rice. Check out the mandarin lobster laksa too. Tel: 6737 2200.

Hilton Singapore – We like their new Snowflake Spirit ($48 for 500g), a pretty gold and ivory log cake made of white and dark chocolate, with gold leaves - nice for a hostess gift – and foie gras with champagne! How luxe is that? Available at the Checkers Deli 1-24 Dec. Tel: 67303332.

Marina Mandarin – Two thousand teddy bears on a Christmas tree festooned with tinsel. Sounds pretty festive, no? Well, the kids will definitely like it, I’m sure. And they can buy one too. But the port wine glazed boneless ham, traditional roast tom turkey and the beer marinate turkey sounds even better to me, together with the tiramisu and pandan log cake (pictured) too. All available from 6 Nov – 25 Dec. Tel: 6845 1000

Goodwood Park Hotel – This hotel’s always been strong on gourmet takeaways. After all, they were the first to come up with the durian cake moons ago! This year end, they have a roasted boneless challandaise duck with redcurrant apple stuffing($268, pictured above), a new offering, and ragout of kurobuta pork slow cooked with chanterelles ($168, served 6-8). There’s also the confit of duck legs with potato au gratin ($128) and venison loin wellington with port wine glaze ($160).

Their desserts are so pretty. We just love their dainty designer Christmas cakes ($12 per piece, pictured above) in three flavours - brownie, light chocolate and orange pound cake – their Durian profiterole Christmas tree ($68) and the Grand Cru chocolate nougat pear log cake ($60 for 1 kg). Available from 1-31 Dec at the Deli. Tel: 6730 1867.

Four Seasons Singapore - Throwing a party and not planning to cook? Pick up a traditional turkey with chestnut stuffing and giblet gravy, served with cranberry chutney; or honey baked ham with  apple sauce. What's best is its 'party to go' pack which takes all the planning away from you and gives you a full, ready to eat menu, with assorted festive meats, greens and Christmas confections. From 20 Nov - 21 Dec. Tel: 6831-7242.

 Ee Waun


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