Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Buys - Bag Lady - Part 2

Also lots of fun bags to oogle at this season.

Lulu from Australia, designed and founded by English-born Louise Hopkins calls her new collection the ‘Duchess Collection’. Lulu prints are all funky and copyrighted by the brand and their unique selling point is that each of the bags are light, durable, plastic coated, water resistant and easy to clean. 

Poolbag Basketweave S$110

Poolbag Polkadot S$110

New Yorker Peacock S$90

Charlotte in Marigold S$95

Devonshire in Peacock S$75

Venice Peacock S$65

An interesting point to note is that some of the totes, handbags and tennis bags that are made and sold exclusively in Singapore (not available in Australia). Bags are priced between $55 and $130 with smaller pouches and toiletry bags between $9 and $38. Great place for Christmas gifts. For more details, see: www.luluaustralia.com.sg

- Elaine


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