Saturday, 3 April 2010

Binge - Asian Food Buffet: Cheap and Good and Swanky Enough!

Granted, a buffet of hawker food isn’t a new concept. But remember those early days when hotels would set up a buffet made of a series of ‘hawker stalls’? Yes, it’s a little campy, but it was fun for what it was worth. You get to watch the cooks plate your roast duck and blanch your noodles. Not awfully sophisticated, but it was cute.

Plaza Market Cafe at Fairmont is bringing this back for the month of April (1-30 April) with an Asian hawker spread that me drool even as I read their press release.

What’s in it for us? Not a diet, for sure! They have five hawker stalls set up for Pan Asian feeding and theatrics.

At the Thai Stall, you get eats like vegetarian King Crab Roe Spicy Salad, Pad Thai, Prawn Red Curry, Green Curry Chicken, Crab Sausage and Chilli Fried Rice and the Hong Kong stall offers Peanut and Oyster Porridge, Crispy Soft Shell Crab, BBQ Pork Spare Rib Hong Kong-style and Char Siew Fried Rice. Grandma will surely approve.

I will make space for yummies at the Indian stall – naans, Hyderabadi Briyani, Pilau with Lamb in Yoghurt, Fish Curry with Tomato, tandoori chicken, thosai and more; and the Indonesian spread with calorific treats stuff like Tahu Telur, lamb leg curry, Sate Ayam Madura, beef rendang, fish head curry, soto ayam and other exotics. There’s a Korean stall as well, and though I am no fan, I know plenty who adore it. Mul Naengmyon (Buckwheat Noodle in Cold Beef Broth), Bokum Bahb (Crab and Pork Fried Rice, Bulgalbi (Barbecued Beef Short Ribs, kimchi…I could go on. You see? Salivating yet? Make sure you wear a generously cut outfit for the occasion.

One compelling reason why this has earned its space in SimplyFab’s column is it’s very happy price – $40++ for lunch and $50++ for dinner and $20++ for kids. (Compare this is some other buffets that stretch to $70+ and even over $100 and this isn’t bad value.) Then there’s the teh tarik station at dinner too, and cooking demos for the Aunties every Monday and Thursday at 8pm.

So you see? It is really a darn good deal. Major Auntie and foodie appeal..and I don’t think the husbands will protest either. Go. I am.

Level 2 Fairmont Singapore
Tel: 65 6431 6156
- EW


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