Thursday, 22 April 2010

Bytes - Retro REVO - the best MDR that money can buy!

I like spreading the love so when I learn a new term, I like to share it. So here goes... drrrrrum rrroll….purleese. Acronym Number One, say it with us… “M.D.R”. What does it mean? In short, a radio that does more than a radio should. It stands for “Multi Digital format Radio” and the name to remember behind this is “REVO”. Acronym Number Two, say it with us… “D.A.B” – no, this has nothing to do with an shiny nose and tissue-ing off the sebum. It stands for “Digital Audio Broadcasting” and is used in about 25 or more countries in the world today as a digital radio technology for broadcasting radio stations. There are apparently over 11,000 stations today that offer what we commonly call “internet radio”.

Are you sufficiently baffled? SIMPLYFAB was invited to attend the Revo launch in Hong Kong last week at the new Hertiage 1881, a fitting venue for the launch of the Revo Heritage. Revo Technologies Limited are basically are UK manufacturers of high-quality digital audio products for the DAB, DAB+ (the plus is basically an enhanced version to the original DAB technology) and internet radio platforms, as well as for Apple’s iPod and iPhone devices.

These days RETRO has definitely made a big come back and The Heritage takes on the trend as a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic European table-radio design from the 1950s and 60s (the design recently won the coveted “Red Dot Product Design award for 2010”). However the design nostalgia is only skin deep as this baby is one of the most sophisticated digital radios ever produced and apparently claims to be technically the BEST radio, money can buy today.
Users can preset their own 10 favourite stations, get access to the online music service and build a playlist from its library of 5 million tracks, listen to wireless audio streaming, dock your iPod/iPhone from it, wirelessly stream music from PC or MAC, set the inbuilt digital alarm clock to wake you on your favourite station. There is also a free laser engraving service if you want to personalize your unit. Comes with a remote control and universal adaptor too. Selling at HK$2,380, it is also available in SG and in the Apple Store Online. Not a bad idea for Fathers Day in June this year, if Daddy or Darling is a gadget boy. Oh yeah, I forgot to add - girl not included!

- Elaine


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