Friday, 9 April 2010

Buys - Earth-friendly Slip ons!

Final plug for Earth Day .. here is what my diary entry is going to read like on 22 April (Earth Day) ... Dear Diary, Today, I will slip on my pair of environmentally responsible footwear!

"What?" you say? 

I am talking about Ocean Minded, a manufacturer of casual footwear that marries fashion with a conscience. Their babies, 18 newly birthed slip-ons and sandals from sporty to stylish made essentially from recycled and sustainable materials such as recycled car tires, recycled plastic bottles, organic cotton and metal free leather combined with materials like CrosliteTM, a proprietary material that is lightweight and comfortable with non-slip and odor resistant properties. 

The brand's motto: "Live. Protect. Respect.TM"  Their mantra, to protect the world’s oceans and beaches. They faithfully run the Surfrider Foundation with 50,000 members and 90 chapters worldwide to address issues like water quality degradation, beach and surf spot preservation, loss of public beach access and habitat and ecosystem destruction. 
They also have a "2 Pick Up 3" programme that is an environmental saving movement based on the concept of picking up three pieces of trash every time one visits the beach to help reduce ocean pollution. 

There are styles for both HIM and HER. See

- Elaine


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