Thursday, 22 April 2010

Bytes - Your Completely Connected Car!

Its not enough that you have got the architect to design a multi-sensory sound room into the basement of your  billion dollar dream home. Now you also want the whole audio experience  on your journey out of the house, especially as you make that arduous journey enroute to Malaysia – heaven forbid, by car (just to test drive those new wheels)! If this sounds like you then you undoubtedly are the perfect candidate for a Pioneer In-Vehicle Multimedia AV Receiver.

Whhaaaat? For the uninitiated, these multimedia receivers will transform a car into a complete multimedia hub to give you exceptional audio and video entertainment and consists of two units, the Pioneer AVH-P3250DVD, Pioneer AVH-P4250DVD, and an in-dash model, the Pioneer AVH-P5250DVD. Ok maybe I have no right to tease as this may really leave your passengers wowed! Read on for amazing specs: 

The unit apparently fits seamlessly into your dashboard and has a large touch screen display from 5.8 to 7-inches with a variety of features such as the enhanced touch slide user interface, iPod®/iPhone®1 control, USB connectivity2, SD card playback, Bluetooth®3, and navigation4 upgradeability.

You can display album art for the music you are playing, do an alphabetical speed search of music on your iPod/iPhone, plug in a number of USB storage devices, Secure Digital (SD) memory cards, and devices with mini-jack A/V outputs for diverse media playback capabilities. Your unit also comes with a an optional Pioneer Bluetooth receiver! For what the marketing folk call seamless cosmetic integration, your unit even has 112 different illumination colours to match your unit to its dashboard lighting. Imagine that!

The new system offers playback of iPod video, DVD video discs and DivX video content, allows display JPEG images during music playback and as for sound, the audio output for each player is enhanced by Pioneer’s MOSFET50 50 Watts X 4 amplification, 4-Volt preamp outputs with High-Pass/Low-Pass crossovers for subwoofer integration and patented advanced sound retriever (ASR) to restore the musical detail lost in the creation of compressed music files with an auto equalizer that automatically tailors the sound to each vehicle. Prices start at S$999 for the Pioneer AVH-P3250DVD, S$1,299 for the Pioneer AVH-P4250DVD and S$1,499 for the Pioneer AVH-P5250DVD.

With so much going on, you can’t help but fiddle rather than concentrate on the road? I don’t blame you and that is why I LOL-ed when after the reading never ending description of specs, the press release footnote firmly warns: NOTE: Do not use your Pioneer system if doing so will divert your attention in any way from the safe operation of your vehicle. Always observe safe driving rules. Yes indee-dio! See:

- Elaine


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