Monday, 12 April 2010

Binge – Gunpowder Steaks & Star Sign Meals - Weird & Wonderful at WGS 2010

There’s feasting afoot all round Singapore this coming week with the World Gourmet Summit. Anyone with the slightest interest in food would be eyeballing the events schedule and desperately making last minute reservations. But even as we know the big wigs like Ferran Adria is coming (but he’s not cooking!), David Thompson, Ben Shewry, etc, look what we discovered! Some intriguing events that are so unique and bold and whimsical, they are SimplyFab!

Here’s something to blow your mind: delve into the delights of gunpowder as an ingredients with The Prime Society’s Head Chef Damon Amos, at his masterclass on 21 April. Featured dishes include the restaurant' signature Gunpowder Beef, succulent Hokkaido scallops, and juicy figs pocketed with Gunpowder mascarpone at $88 per head. Or suck up the five course Two Smoking Barrels set lunch and dinner menus through the week from 12-17 April, featuring their signature gunpowder beef steak with other yummies like Tasmanian oysters, carpaccio of wagyu, and The Prime Society’s signature gunpowder beef and dessert of Gingerbread sorbet, spiced carrot puree, buttermilk bavarois and chocolate soil. Also $88++ per person.

If that doesn’t work your juices, how about eating according to your star sign? Balanced Libra? A tempestuous Leo? Or hot Virgo? Chef Milind Sovani of The Song of India is serving up The Zodiac Cravings on 14 April (6.30pm; $118++ per person), an 8-course menu which showcases 12 specialty dishes for all the sun signs. Book your meal preferences in advance and he will customse the main course according to your star sign! Not free that day? No worries, his a la carte menu for the week, called Soul Food (12-17 April), offers dishes that are most sought after by diners of various sun signs. Did you know Sagittarians prefer exotic cuisine, all food is an aphrodisiac for Scorpios and Librans are crazy for sweet treats? I didn’t!

Then on 21 April, there’s Japanese food with Chinese herbs and vintage wine. How odd is that? Tip toe to the Cappella Singapore and soak up the six-course meal by Chef Ronnie Chia of Tatsuya Japanese Restaurant, and Executive Chef Jakob Esko of Capella Singapore, which incorporates Eu Yan Sang herbs. How does this sound: Double-boiled Tuna Belly with Tofu, infused with mitsuba, Solomon’s seal, ophiopogon, lily bulb, poria, galanga Chinese wolfberries & American ginseng; and the Cod fish marinated with Sake, featuring seven spice, bonito stock and tangerine peel? I’m confused already, but ready for any adventure! ($228+, 7pm, Grand Ballroom) Best thing is, you’ll be nicely nourished and healthy at the end of this indulgence!

by EW


mr. pineapple man on 12 April 2010 at 22:39 said...

wish I was in singapore...

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