Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Beauty - Beauty Store Junkie Fabulicious Finds

The Beauty Store Junkie has been out this past week trawling Sasa, Colour Mix, Bonjour, Watsons and Mannings in Hong Kong with my very informed and fabulicious friend Connie. She gets her info from all the trashy Cantonese convenience store tabloids sold in Hong Kong.

She picked up 3 simply fabulicious items from WATSONS which I am recommending to you:

If you like your sunblock and foundation all in one, then try this product aptly called 'Sunkiller'. It has a SPF50+ Sunblock with a coloured liquid foundation based that also has BB Cream (Blemish Balm) properties which means that it tightens the pores and actually helps in healing any scarred or damaged skin. 

I tried and found that it provides a very good base for your make up and can be used with loose powder and a minimum of concealer if you want to hide or disguise any unsightly spots. Sold at Watson's in Hong Kong - am pretty sure its coming to Singapore soon (if not already there). 

A great alternative to the more expensive BB Creams (which do not have as much sunblock protection as this product).

This product claims to do for lashes what stilettos do for legs. The grip and extend brush apparently grasps each lash and coats it from every angle. The formulation contains a pro-vitamin B-5 that gives the lashes length and a patent shine. 

Safe for all contact lens users and opthamologist tested. The idea is the sweep upwards from root of your lashes to the tips and build till you get the desired look. Do not let it dry between coats. Do the same for the lower lash. I tried it and found it waterproof and wonderful! Go buy!  

This brand is not to be confused with Vichy as both are available at Watsons. VINCH is a French brand that sells facial masks that contain spring water from the French Alps. Extra moisturisng and completely soothing, the nickel and nobelium trace elements in the spring water supposedly clean out the pollutants in the skin. Oxygen from the spring water is released into the skin cells (not sure how this works as it is not clearly explained on the packet, exactly how this happens) but suffice to say that the oxygen comes into contact with the skin and releases nutrients to revitalise it. A single packet was going on sale for only HK$4.90 (less than 1SGD). We also bought the Milky Whitening Mask to try, which I will do, tonight!  

- Elaine


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