Sunday, 8 August 2010

Buys - The Age of the Ankle Boot

Q: What is Different and yet Similar about these two shots? 
A: Different = Picture 1 is for Humans and Picture 2 is for Dogs. 
Similar = both are IN this season!

This Picture - Ankle Boots from Hogan

Well, what do you know - the ankle boot is back! ... Think back to the incorrigible, energetic and early 80s where dressing in beggar fashion matched with ankle boots, red lipstick with a head of mop ridden curls held back by an elastic head band was actually passed off as fashionable gear to attend what we then called 'functions'! I thought I would not see the day dawn so soon and so fast but what do you know ..  before I could stop to breathe deep, the gladiators made their debut and now have planned their timely exit from Summer .. just in time for Autumn/Winter 2010's latest fashion faux paus, the eligible ankle booty to come steadfastly marching in.. 

This Picture - Neoprene Dog Boots (2 of 4) 

On a recent visit home to sunny Singapore, I visited my pet loving sister in law who had her brood all geared up to take on walkies. And she is not alone. Asian pet lovers are buying theirs custom made and ordered specially from the US and the UK at the moment but I am sure that it will only be a matter of months before China has their paws on the prototypes to make copy Pradas for pets. Seeing is believing! 

- Elaine


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