Friday, 27 August 2010

Buys - Extreme Toiletries For The Girls Only....

We think this is soooo crazy, it’s simply fabulicious! We can't believe it, but Kotex - yes, the sanitary napkin brand! - has just taken the glamour factor to the extreme. They'll be launching Kotex Luxe, a design-forward pad with attitude if you can imagine such a thing! But just see for yourself right here....!

We couldn’t believe our eyes when a teaser arrived at our door – a be-ribboned box of Kotex cupcakes! How ridiculous was that? We were intrigued. I badgered the PR lady about it, but she just kept mum. Well, a fortnight later, she sent the info – new Kotex pads with six snazzy designs, and they promise there will be more new motifs in time to come.

If you've been successful in wearing matching underwear everyday (hats off to you!), here's one more thing to co-ordinate - 6 Kotex designs to match your personality or mood for the day. Are you the cheerful and sweet girl-next-door? We think the pink and orange floral will suit you. A vintage-loving boho chick? How about the Indian-inspired teal and purple spirals? Glamourpuss may like the mauve butterflies and the fizzy fireworks is just the thing for party girl.

It comes with Micro-Max technology, comprising “a super absorbent ultrathin core that provides maximum protection – and its soft cottony cover”. It’ll be available in supermarket shelves only from 13 September, but there are giveaways of iphone skins (see left) and cupcakes online a week before that…..which makes it kinda around now….Check it out at

With these things on the shelves, we'll be taking a break from all-white for a while.....
- Ee Waun


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