Monday, 14 September 2009

Binge - A Good Traditional Mooncake – At Last!

Some time ago, I mentioned that people really just want a very well prepared, traditional mooncake. All the exotic flavours and creations are great and pique the interest, but when it comes to actual enjoyment, the old fashioned baked skin, lotus paste is still my favourite….preferably without yolk.
Recently, I tried Hong Kong’s Maxim’s Mooncakes (or Mei-Xin) which apparently are the best selling mooncakes there for the last 11 years. Yes, it’s from out of town, and I was skeptical at first. How could it compare to the locally made ones which didn’t require long distance transportation? But you know, I was dead wrong. Though they came individually wrapped in plastic, they turned out among the best I have tried this season. Thin, moist baked skin, a smooth, fresh tasting paste that was not too sweet (as some can be), and best of all? The yolk was actually still very moist inside – not crumbly and dry like you often fine in many mooncakes. Absolutely gorgeous! And they weren’t expensive either - $43-$49 per pack of four, on average. I couldn’t stop eating them once I started.
A few new flavours – which didn’t go overboard with ‘innovation’ – were lotus paste with pecan nuts, red bean past with pecan and black jujube paste with macadamia.
I also like their almond flake ($4.50 for 6) and walnut cookies ($3.90 for 6) with walnut, almond or cashew which are supremely crisp and light as air and very French all in all. Definitely worth buying – it’s a good product that doesn’t break the bank, too.
Available at Parkway Parade, Takashimaya, Change Alley and Plaza Singapura until 3 October. You can also get them directly from Frosts Foods (24 Tuas Ave 12, Tel: 6862 2166).


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